Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why It's Justifiable To Hate Christians...

Editor's note: Doug Phillips currently is leading Rescue Haiti's Children, a project of Vision Forum Ministries, in quake-ravaged Haiti. The mission's goal is "to establish a distinctively Christian reporting operations in Haiti to tell stories of the present crisis and the work of Christians there; to minister to the widows, the orphans and the sick; to facilitate the rescue and delivery of orphans to Christian families in America; to identify specific families that need direct support from the people of God in America; and to provide specific relief to people in distress." Phillips will file a series of exclusive reports for WorldNetDaily from Haiti in the next several days.


Doug Phillips is a prick. Let's be honest.

His money-making scheme in Haiti is one of the over ten thousand such"charities" at work there designed to exploit Haitians and guilt riddled White Americans (it is ONLY Whites abducting non-White children from foreign countries).

His actions and the actions of those (Christians) like him will cause irreparable harm to my country and my community.

Haiti has around ten million citizens, 99% of whom were not directly affected by the earthquake. There is no reason these orphans should be abducted by Whites and taken away from their country and their people.

The fact that Phillips is using the earthquake to exploit the situation and the people there, makes him and others like him particularly reprehensible.

And make no mistake, what these "charitable" organizations are doing is using extortion (via the economic needs after the quake and the accompanying lack of governmental oversight) to facilitate the abduction of children.

Those running these "charities" are motivated by money and money alone.

Those who facilitate placing refugees in America are motivated by money and vanity.

Mercy or pity does not in any way factor into it. This is evidenced by the fact that these 'white-gods' go half way around the world to be charitable when there are untold numbers of destitute and sick right in their own back yards.

Instead they turn communities into living hellholes to satiate their own self-righteousness.

The increasing hatred aimed at Christians due to the actions of these money-grubbing hypocrites like Phillips is completely justifiable. As will be the accompanying intolerance and discrimination towards them.

Completely, 100%, justifiable.

I wrote the following over a year ago and it aptly describes Phillips and his ilk.

There is an old, outdated saying that goes, “Charity begins at home”. I say outdated because, obviously, today charity begins at least a thousand miles from home. Whether it is flying half-way around the world to bring their self-righteous selves to the savages or just simply bringing the savages back home, the missionaries and charitable types love to seek out those who are least like themselves and take the opportunity to bask in their own benevolence.

And to note, I use the word “savage” in the true spirit of these people who travel about the globe and dazzle various primitives with their presence. After all, charity automatically requires one person to be in a superior position and another to be in an inferior position.

No wonder then that the most charitable people often strike us as the most arrogant and pompous. So referring to the beneficiaries of such self-aggrandizing types as savages or primitives is only done in deference to the social vantage point the aggrandizers enjoy.

Actually, this kind of super-charity (as opposed to the kind that flows naturally back and forth between peoples of similar racial, social and cultural standings) finds its greatest acts of giving through indirect compulsory sacrifice on the part of others. For example, if you and your church/charity arrange to bring a savage into America, you are, through force and cohesion, compelling other members of your community into giving as well. Their taxes and resources will be automatically re-distributed to the savage through healthcare, education, housing and so on. This also happens when tax dollars are sent abroad for charitable purposes.

This, then, is not the community giving but rather the charitable taking. Thus charity has now become an act of aggression which ultimately leads to the despoiling and plundering of communities and (eventually) nations.

We can see this playing out in places like California where dozens of hospitals have been closed due to the financial strain caused by the rapid influx of the poor and needy from Latin America. Or in once peaceful neighborhoods turned into violence-filled ghettos. Or in the spread across the nation of new and renewed (once defeated) diseases. It can also be seen in Africa where charity (in the form of food and medicine supplied by The West) has allowed/facilitated the already violent and starving populations of dysfunctional nations to explode, increasing the violence and poverty by a factor of ten.

This modern mutation of charity has appeared in two separate yet markedly similar groups: White liberals and White Christians. Both groups have a strong compulsion to send other people’s tax dollars across the sea to non-Whites while at the same time importing other non-Whites into the West, compelling the rest of us to fork over even more tax dollars to pay for their housing, medical care, education and (probably later) imprisonment. They are two groups with the same Achilles’ heel.


I once saw a documentary in which a young man described his aspiration towards rock-stardom and what he hoped that would bring to him. He said, roughly, “I’d like to be a famous rock-star so I could, like, go visit some sick kid in a hospital who’s dying wish was to meet me.”

That completely sums up the motivation for White Christian/Liberal Charity. Egotistically, the sky is the limit! It’s amazing how much moral superiority an act of overt humbleness can generate.

And, of course, Corporate America loves this kind of “charity”. In fact, its motivations and cost-displacement mirrors the White Christian/Liberal. It imports cheap labor which works at half the wage citizens do while transferring the costs onto those very same citizens (taxpayers) in the form of, yes, housing, medical care, education and (probably later) imprisonment.

Adding to all of this are the people who are seemingly hypnotized by the concept of The Poor.

U.S. a Place of Miracles for Somali Refugees

TUCSON — The white wooden door swung open and the dazed African villagers stepped into their new home. It was a modest apartment with secondhand furniture and a stove in need of repairs. But to Osman Yarrow, his wife and five children, refugees from Somalia’s civil war, it seemed like a place of miracles.

Clean water coursed out of gleaming faucets, an astonishing luxury for a rural family who had spent more than a decade in mud huts without indoor plumbing. “Red for hot,” Mr. Yarrow repeated wonderingly as he held his fingers in the steady stream. “Blue for cold.”

There were flush toilets instead of pit latrines and beds instead of straw mats. But what Mr. Yarrow treasured most on his first day in his American home was a sense of security. In Somalia, he witnessed the execution of his father and son by marauding militias. In Kenya, his family huddled in bleak refugee camps while bullets sang in the night.

Here, he listened to the squeals of his children and the hum of a contraption called an air conditioner. “We will sleep without hearing gunshots,” he said. “We’re finally living in a safe place.”

Mr. Yarrow, 40, represents the changing face of America’s refugees. Since May, more than 200 members of his tribe, the Somali Bantu, have been flown to 22 cities across the United States, the first wave of one of the government’s largest recent refugee resettlement efforts.

By the end of next year, officials plan to resettle nearly 13,000 Bantu, who were enslaved and persecuted for generations in Somalia until civil war scattered them to desolate and violent refugee camps in Kenya in the early 1990’s.

Now, needless to say, there are people less fortunate than others. But what I am speaking of is The Poor, not a fact of global economic life but a spiritual condition: those who, in the mind of the White Christian/Liberal, have no other quality but being The Poor. Never are The Poor the present or future thieves, drug-dealers, rapists, murderers and crack-whores who we see in real life as comprising the permanent underclass. Never do White Christians/Liberals think of what hideous abuses and atrocious behaviors they will likely enable when they “give to The Poor”.

Nope, to the White Christian/Liberal the means justify the ends. And if that involves importing a group of refugees from a ramshackle country who will, once here, go about raping and/or killing American citizens, well then, so be it. For the White Christian/Liberal, that warm fuzzy feeling of “having done the right thing”, of having procured the requisite satisfaction with self, is far more important than some rape or murder on the distant horizon.

Ironically, and even when they are sincere, White Christians/Liberals are replacing themselves by bringing refugees into the West and aiding population growth in the Third World. Their beneficiaries do not share their charitable inclinations. The White Christian/Liberal has no non-White counterpart.

So what of healthy, in-group altruism? Obviously, it replaces the narcissistic version with a more general notion of paying into the pot from which we will all draw a wage of comfort one day. The cost stays with the giver … or volunteer, since volunteering is a highly sincere form of in-group altruism. In this, the more alike two individuals are the more honest the exchange of assistance will be. Historically, when two parties of dissimilar race/ethnicity engage in assistance, it more often than not leads to usury.

Reciprocity is beautiful. Helping and aiding those of your own kind ensures greater community harmony and a better chance for the spread of your genes which those of your kindred will share.

Assistance given to those outside of your own kind, meanwhile, provides no physical benefit to the giver. In fact the dispersal of aid to those outside your own group diminishes such resources amongst kindred peoples and, therefore, is detrimental to the community.

In the strongest terms possible Charity is, at best, plain old fashion hubris and at worst a deep seated pathology. The White Christian/Liberal will drive past their local nursing homes, homeless shelters, etc, where far too many elderly Whites wither away poor, sick and alone, and head for the airport to fly off to exotic locales to find someone more deserving (non-Whites) of their glorious selves.

Charity then, if it is to be motivated by anything other than narcissism and arrogance, must not only begin at home but stay at home. But since the very concept behind the word will always appeal to the pride of fools, it doubtless never will. Arrogance will nurture it till it bears its ultimate fruit, the desolation of Western communities. And that is hardly hyperbole, since we can see that very thing happening to the West, and a portion of the despoiling of our nation at the hands of non-Whites has been justified in the name of charity.

And so there is a contemporary analysis of the motivations of the modern manifestation of the Charitable. Their actions are not done in the name of love, kindness, mercy or benevolence, for those are gifts that can never be given to strangers but, with a sincere heart, only to those of your own kin. Their actions are done with as much societal pomp as possible to adorn their own self-image, while the civilization that raised them up slides into a semi-functional state.

In conclusion … if you have something with which you can afford to part, then give it only to those whom you know (as in close friends and family) ... and those who you know will actually need it, and will use it well.