Friday, March 19, 2010

The Fall...

Texas Gov. Rick Perry today announced the deployment of Texas Military Forces OH-58 Kiowa and UH-72 Lakota helicopters to the area between El Paso and Brownsville as part of the first phase of the state's spillover violence contingency plan.

Perry activated the plan on Tuesday. He did not reveal how many helicopters would be deployed, nor their exact locations for operational security purposes.

The helicopters will help local law enforcement deter and detect crime along the border.


Perry has a standing request with the federal government for 1,000 Title 32 National Guardsmen to support civilian law enforcement efforts to enhance border security in Texas, as well as a more recent request for predator drones to be based in and operate over the Texas-Mexico border to provide essential information to law enforcement on the ground.



HEMET, Calif. – Police in this picturesque city in rural Riverside County have been on edge in recent weeks. Someone is trying to kill them.

First, a natural gas pipe was shoved through a hole drilled into the roof of the gang enforcement unit's headquarters. The building filled with flammable vapor but an officer smelled the danger before anyone was hurt.

"It would have taken out half a city block," Capt. Tony Marghis said.

Then, a ballistic contraption was attached to a sliding security fence around the building. An officer opening the black steel gate triggered the mechanism, which sent a bullet within eight inches of his face.

Gang enforcement officers appear to be the target of the assassination attempts, though Dana noted the devices were indiscriminate by nature and could have killed any police or law enforcement officer.


Let's see,

Declining Economy. Check

Overstretched Military. Check

Uncontrolled Borders. Check

Increasingly Authoritarian Government. Check

Crumbling Infrastructure. Check

Deracinated Population. Check