Saturday, March 27, 2010

In The Land Of Ten Million Invaders...

When Shannon Anderson asked the police officers standing on the porch of her Orland home why they planned to arrest her, an officer radioed the question to headquarters.

It was a recent March Monday, and Anderson had answered the door in her shorts, T-shirt and socks, hardly expecting to be greeted with handcuffs by Orland police officers. She was shocked by the one-word response that came back over the police radio: truancy. Then, the 37-year-old mother of four was booked into Glenn County Jail on a $10,000 warrant.

Anderson soon realized she had been arrested in connection with her dispute with the Orland Unified School District over her youngest son’s attendance record. Eight-year-old Logan suffers from asthma, the cause of most of his 24 absences this school year. Anderson has been able to persuade the school to excuse only 14 of the absences, even though she says that in some of those cases the district nurse agreed Logan should go home.

The charges filed against her were serious and distressing. There was a felony forgery charge based on the allegation she had altered a doctor’s note. There was a charge she had violated the education code by failing to get her child to school. And the same charges were filed against her husband, Jamie, who was arrested and jailed the following day.


If this shocks you, you're a worthless ass.

Sorry, but the time to have been outraged about this sort of thing was 50 years ago.

Americans have become fat, lazy and willfully ignorant and apathetic.

The best they can do is gather in orderly, government approved, "protests" and then brag afterwords about how calm and respectful it was and how they cleaned up afterwords.

This is why said government laughed at them and ignored them.

And for those who just don't like to "fret" about the long-term, consider that "healthcare" is both physical and mental. If the government can enforce and regulate it then they can then oversee the "mental health" of your household.

So if they determine that, say, Christianity or patriotism are mental disorders, they can take your kids from you on the grounds of defending their "healthcare rights".

Liberalism is pro-active evil. It is not a mere mistaken ideology of well meaning but misled individuals. It is knowingly and intentionally destructive.

The Tea Party rallies and other such efforts were merely exercises in the boot licking and ass kissing of the very people who hold them in contempt.

Not surprisingly Washington (through legislative gesture) told them to go f@$k themselves.

In the immortal words of Ferris Beuller, "you can't respect somebody who kisses your ass."