Saturday, March 27, 2010


"Alternative Right....An Online Magazine Of Radical Traditionalism"

Radical and Alternative have certain meanings in our society today.

They generally don't connote that which is traditional.

Articles entitled 'Why I'm A Pagan', accompanied by a picture of a guy in a robe that looks like an homage to Mickey Mouse in 'Fantasia' is, well, deserving of satire.

As is hosting articles by jewish writers.

Note to AltRight editors- Israel is, historically and presently, located in Asia, not Europe. Ethnic jewish people are not White. They are an oriental people with an oriental mindset, thus intellectually, philosophically and historically residing outside of Western Civilization.

If you are going to host articles by Paul Gottfried and Larry Auster, will we soon see prose from Michele Malkin and Alan Keyes appear there as well?

If so, then I might recommended the new moniker, 'Alternative Traditionalism'.

A "big tent" is like a small tent. They both leak and really offer no shelter at all, either from inclement weather or wild animals.

If you want to help save our civilization, I'd humbly offer the following,

1. Get off the fence and pick one side or the other. You're either pro-White (which is to say pro-Western Civilization) or you aren't. Either limit your discourse to White people alone or give up the charade. Because those who attempt to straddle the political/social-fence inevitably end up getting their political/social nuts crushed.

2. Stop building tents, big or other wise. Nations and peoples are biological entities. They are families. And no serious and responsible man throws up a tent to raise his family in. Build a house with a firm foundation and you'll have something that will last; that will withstand the rains and the winds and the beats of the field.

Build something that will last. Something with a solid foundation, sturdy wall and a solid roof.

Tents are for circuses.