Monday, March 22, 2010

Quick, Let's Vote Our Way Out...

"And although this struggle is enormously difficult even for our People, it only proves that absolutely no state would be able to resist this danger without Germany or with Germany as its enemy. Any hope by individual European nations of receiving lenient treatment in return for good behavior or by flattering the Muscovites, is at best childish stupidity or pitiful cowardice. Moreover, the belief that in place of Germany another, possibly even a non-European power, could take over the protection of this continent is not only thoughtless but reveals a genuine moral weakness. It is primarily due to the complete ignorance of middle class politicians that in many countries people act as though they believe that the Jewish plutocratic West will overcome the Jewish Bolshevist East. No, the opposite will occur. One day the Jewish Bolshevist East will make it unnecessary for the Jews in the West to indulge in further hypocrisy. They can then reveal their ultimate goal with absolute candor. For the Jewish western democracy will sooner or later itself end in Bolshevism. The same naive souls, however, who today believe that they have discovered in Stalin the spirit who will save them, will perhaps discover sooner than they imagine that the spirits which they have summoned from the underworld will strangle them, and do so in their own countries.... "
Adolph Hitler, speech November 8 1943 in Munich.

Current events of the day make the case that the experiment in democracy was not only ill conceived but that the men who carried it out were not as wise as many have thought them to be. (and I say that having great admiration for several of the Founding Fathers)

Present reality has a way of clearing all doubts as to what the (past-tense debated) truth was.

All Men are, rather obviously, not created equal. Were that not the case the Founding Fathers would not have been so distinguishable from the rest of the generation into which they were born.
They were exceptional men for certain, but they were not of royal blood. And their inadequate pedigrees shows glaringly forth in the present age which their folly helped to birth.

In the conceit of their own exceptionalness (which they, without justification, projected onto their fellow travelers) they overthrew the order of countless ages, usurping the very aristocracy which had, time and again, defended Western Civilization against almost inconceivable onslaughts.

Through invasions and plagues and natural disasters, the Kings and Queens of old continually shepherded the peoples of The West to greener pastures.

They not only patronized the arts but determined the standard for which art is critiqued and valued. (and that was a high standard)

They preserved the religious institutions, cultural traditions and the historical underpinnings of their respective peoples.

That they were flawed goes without saying. But the one unquestionable, redeemable, attribute which their noble blood bequeathed to them generation after generation was the wisdom and foresight to see that all men were not created equal; that some are born warriors while others are born farmers. That some are born to serve while others are born to rule. That the majority are born to contend with the perplexities of a single life, while a select few were born to wrestle with the complexities of sustaining an entire civilization.

Is that elitist?
Yes and no.

We certainly do have an elite, as there will always be an elite. But our elite now are bureaucrats born of the merchant class whose foresight revolves, not around the blood of a people and their civilization, but around the profit margins of an indistinguishable mass of wandering consumers perpetually desiring only to satiate their insatiable material lust.

The flesh and blood kings, and their class, were thrown down and in their place was set Wal-Mart and AT&T and Hollywood and Sony and McDonalds etc…etc….

Was our revolution worth it?
Did we not overthrow ourselves when we overthrew our Kings?

Certainly this is a controversial and contentious position, but one that should not be lightly ignored.

After all, how can a people who repeatedly turn to psychics, “self-help” gurus, obvious con-artist televangelists and other such snake oil salesmen be entrusted to choose their government and its leaders?

How can any people who believe “reality shows” are real make sound judgments in electing anyone?

Can a people who scarcely read books and often boast of their ignorance of history be trusted to choose the right paths in so treacherous a wood as this often merciless maze of a world?

I think not.