Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Root...

And the “Hutaree militia”? I’m now old and scarred enough to say openly what as an MSM editor I would merely have cunningly proposed as an interesting hypothesis to some energetic young reporter: I don’t believe it. I don’t believe that any group of white blue collar workers would naturally want to attack the local police, another blue collar group.

I think, as Richard Hoste has argued, that it’s far more likely to turn out to be a case of entrapment by some ambitious prosecutor trying to please his/her political masters.

Of course, I may be wrong. I admit I am influenced by Paul Craig Roberts criticisms of prosecutorial abuse. I remain puzzled by Oklahoma City. (For that matter, I am puzzled why any would-be terrorist doesn’t just pick up a gun and walk into a crowded place like Major Hasan at Fort Hood).

But even if I am wrong, the left-right imbalance is flagrant. In America today, it is whites, and conservatives, who are physically afraid.

Ben Franklin famously told a questioner that the Constitutional convention had given America “a republic—if you can keep it.”

Thanks to immigration policy, America now is an empire—made up of warring, incompatible, mutually uncomprehending ethnic groups—if it can survive it.
-Peter Brimelow

And they'll continue to be physically afraid (and inevitably physically assaulted) until they get over the generic guilt trip leftist ideologues and "neo-con" republocrats continue to thrust on them.

To understand more on the cause of this, see here.