Friday, April 9, 2010

Baldwin: Super Patriot!...

Chuck Baldwin seems like a nice, rational, person. He's a patriot and a Christian preacher and a Pundit and a former third party nominee for President of the United States.

Put those qualities together and you've got the makings for a used car salesman.

Take this article for example.

In it Chuck informs us that we are NOW in the firm grasp of tyranny. That governmental intrusion into people's lives has (implied, recently) become oppressive....during the Bush administration and continuing into the current one.

Oh and he's got dramatic information so startling and pertinent to our way of life that it sends chills down his spine to read it.

What is it?

Well, you'll have to tune into his show on Sunday to find out, as he writes, "I have just recently come across an official document from one of our war colleges that is downright frightening. I will expose this document during my Sunday morning address, which is livestreamed on the Internet, this Sunday, April 11, 2010, at 10:30 a.m., Central Daylight Time."

Now, call me jaded, call me cynical, but when someone come along claiming to have discovered earth-shattering information, then tells me I'll have to tune into their regularly scheduled entertainment program to hear the details, I have to conclude that they're disingenuous, to put it politely.

In the rest of his article he chastises Christian ministers for not speaking out against government tyranny.
Of course the problem is that most Christians welcome(d) government tyranny as it began to raise it's ugly head in the 1950's and 60's to ensure "equality for all people."

Even further back than that, with things like women's suffrage. Even child labor laws represent draconian governmental invasion.

Oh I know, who could be against outlawing children working in factories and such? But the fact is if Uncle Sam can tell parents that they can't send their sons to work in a factory it can also tell them they can't teach their kids about Christianity.

Some might protest the comparison, but in both cases it is a moral decision which lay in the balance. The question is, who makes it?

Now many people will nod their heads in agreement on such a point and acknowledge that once the government has granted itself power over one aspect of family life it will most certainly extend that power into other areas.

Yet ask these same people if they'd support repealing suffrage laws or child labor laws and the like and they'll say no.

Yet, again, when they get a ticket for a busted headlight they'll rant on about living in a police state.

But that's the problem with rushing to use (or cheer on the use) of governmental force. It's a two edged sword. Those who thoughtlessly wield it in their favor often find that it can be driven back and injure them.

The real touchstone for Mr. Baldwin and the ministers he chastises is the "civil rights" movement.
Do they support it?

If they do then they are most certainly on the side of government tyranny. And what's worse is their justification for that support. If they say that 'all races are equal' then they are flat out lying, as all races are most certainly not equal. No one really believes that the races are equal. Not conservatives or liberals or Christians or Atheists or blacks or Whites or men or women etc... no one believes it because science, history and present (collective and personal) observation witness to the contrary.

So those currently supporting draconian governmental power base their support on what they know is a blatant and obvious lie.

And this lie represents a basic moral choice upon which truth itself (and the accompanying worldview) is permanently perverted.

To so twist truth on such a fundamental level is historically unprecedented.
It is a CONSCIENCE decision to embrace a lie that has all encompassing ramifications on both the individual and collective level.

The personal choice of embracing such a deception is the most significant step in the lives of Western People today.
They know it is a lie, and yet they accept it and build their entire social, moral, philosophical, historical, religious and political worldview upon it.

So when you ask them to repudiate tyrannical government you're asking them to repudiate the lie upon which they have chosen to base their lives.

How many will be able or willing to do that?

The first step towards freedom from government tyranny is the proclamation that all peoples are not equal. Because the government bases its every invasive act on the false god of "equality".
And the people will continue to accept it on the same basis.