Thursday, April 1, 2010

Conspiracy Theory...

Crime is up 13% at the Brooklyn precinct where a whistleblower cop accused his supervisors of ignoring felonies to artificially lower the area's crime stats.

the spike in felonies at the 81st Precinct in the first months of the year shows officials are now being more rigorous about how they classify crimes.

"It raises the question: How were they taking reports before Adrian came forward, and are they being more careful now that everyone is watching what they do?"


I guess it never occurs to many people that the socially and legally recognized existence of the Whistleblower vindicates the "conspiracy theory" in general, though not specifically.

Obviously there is some far out stuff out there involving UFO's and Bigfoot. But those are generally harmless pursuits.
They function as sort of 'Scooby Doo Mysteries' for bored grown ups.

But there are real and serious conspiracies out there.

Our entire legal system functions on the premise of Conspiracy Theory.

For example, when a prosecutor claims that Mr. X and his mistress murdered Mrs. X and planned to fly off to the Bahamas with the money from the life insurance, he has put forth a conspiracy theory to the jury.
Sometimes the jury accepts it, sometime they reject it.

There are a myriad of examples of conspiracy in our society.

Conspiracy to commit murder,

to commit fraud,

to commit forgery,


and so forth.

It would take a particularly whimsical Utopian worldview not to assume that human beings will try to either (1) cover their ass when they've screwed up or (2) to simply seek to "bend the rules" to better themselves or their friends/family/cohorts etc...

And the more powerful and authoritarian the position people find themselves in, the greater the temptation to obfuscate reality is.

And this is true of crime, race, gender, geo-politics, global warming and so on.

What makes attempts to hide or mask the truth particularly egregious and damaging today is that they take place under the artifice of equality.

Individuals, families, tribes, ethnic groups and races will act in their own best interests either honestly and openly or through intrigue and deception.

The former generally nurtures respect and dignity.

The latter always nurtures resentment and strife.