Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oil And Water Must Mix!!! Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Embrace The Ocean's New Diversity...

The symbolism in the gulf oil deluge is profound. Greedy corporations willing to do anything to increase their profit margins unleash a natural substance into another natural substance, causing a catastrophe of near Armageddon-like proportions.

The similarity to immigration (both legal and illegal) is obvious.

The sad irony is that everyone acknowledges that the corporations which run this world, care little for it. And that they will do or say anything to turn a profit.

Take this piece by the New York times very own black columnist, is it possible for anyone with any reasonable awareness of the nonstop carnage that has accompanied the entire history of giant corporations to believe that the oil companies, which are among the most rapacious players on the planet, somehow “had their act together” with regard to worst-case scenarios.

These are not Little Lord Fauntleroys who can be trusted to abide by some fanciful honor system. These are greedy merchant armies drilling blindly at depths a mile and more beneath the seas while at the same time doing all they can to stifle the government oversight that is necessary to protect human lives and preserve the integrity of the environment.

President Obama knows that. He knows — or should know — that the biggest, most powerful companies do not have the best interests of the American people in mind when they are closing in on the kinds of profits that ancient kingdoms could only envy. BP’s profits are counted in the billions annually. They are like stacks and stacks of gold glittering beneath a brilliant sun. You don’t want to know what people will do for that kind of money.

There is nothing new to us about this. Haven’t we just seen how the giant financial firms almost destroyed the American economy? Wasn’t it just a few weeks before this hideous Deepwater Horizon disaster that a devastating mine explosion in West Virginia — at a mine run by a company with its own hideous safety record — killed 29 coal miners and ripped the heart out of yet another hard-working local community?

The idea of relying on the assurances of these corporate predators that they are looking out for the safety of their workers and the health of surrounding communities and the environment is beyond absurd.

Most people agree with the above assessment.

Yet it's these same blood-sucking corporations that are the number one pushers of immigration. It is they who push to allow into Western nations millions more legals, illegals, refugees and so on.

It is they who put the word "diversity" into the mouths of your politicians, media talking heads and, yes, even your ministers and church doctrines.

It is they who cry "racist" to anyone who objects to their global schemes of "bleeding all colors into one" in order to create the perfect dumbed down consumer/ "citizen of the world".

So, in the spirit of the times, I for one would like to thank BP for bringing a little diversity to the otherwise bland and vibrantless oceans of the world.

After all who, but an uneducated bigot, could object to the introduction of some 'black blood of the earth' into the uniform blue waters off our shores.

And let us show no quarter to those prejudiced few who would object to the flood of black crude into the Ocean's briny depths. For are not oil and water both liquidy! (that is, being capable of being liquid. Only bigots argue over technicalities after all) And are not both native to this world, sharing one common destiny!!!

I say yes!!!!

I say, let us welcome the ocean's new black comrade with open arms and in the spirit of our age of tolerance and diversity.

And to those who would try to slow down or halt the flow of oil, I say shame on you. Who are you to say where oil should reside?

To the birds and fish and various other sea dependent life forms currently fleeing from the gigantic oil slick which is quickly spreading, I say shame on you too. Yours is the "white flight" of the aquatic world.

The oil is here and its not going anywhere. Thus the waters must mix with the oil if both are to survive and share their common world.

So let us all come together to champion a world AND an ocean without borders!