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And If They're Not Equal?...

The Justice Department filed a claim against the town of Lake Park, Fla., to make the town of 9,000 change from electing their commissioners from an at-large seat into gerrymandered districts where “black persons would constitute a majority of the citizen voting age population in at least one of the districts” with the explicit goal of promoting “black electoral success.”

Compare this to how they treated the New Black Panther Party intimidating white voters. During the presidential election, the Black Panthers were videotaped brandishing batons in paramilitary outfits outside the voting booths. According to an affidavit signed by poll watcher Bartle Bull, a liberal who served in the Justice Department’s Civil Rights division under Robert Kennedy, one of the Black Panthers told white voters, “you are about to be ruled by the black man, cracker.” The Justice Department dismissed this complaint without giving any explanation.

The same double standard applies to so-called hate crimes. Immediately after assuming office, President Obama promoted a massive expansion in hate-crimes enforcement.

While the legislation was being debated Senators Jeff Sessions (R.-Ala.) and Tom Coburn (R.-Okla.) asked about both hypothetical instances where whites, Christians, or military members would be assaulted and if such would qualify as hate crimes. Atty. Gen. Holder responded that hate crimes legislation “would not necessarily cover that” and was designed to cover “protected groups.” He explained this meant “people who are African-American, Hispanic, people who are Jewish, people who are gay people” and “have been targeted over—over the many years.” In other words: not whites and Christians.

While African Americans have been targeted for violence in the past, today it is whites who are more likely to be victims of interracial crime.

According to the FBI’s latest National Crime Victimization Survey, blacks were over 50 times more likely to commit a crime against whites than vice versa. There were over 14,000 black on white rapes and the number of white on black rapes was so small, it did not show up on FBI’s statistical samples. That same year, the FBI did not report a single anti-black rape hate crime.

Call me old fashioned, but I believe we should treat criminals the same no matter their race, the race of their victims, or why they committed their crimes.


There is nothing old fashioned about believing in the equal application of law to the various races. It is, in fact, a rather modern concoction birthed from the heart of Marxist ideology. In America, from 1607 up until the 1960's and 1970's the law did not apply equally to the different races.

So to express a belief in equality as "old fashioned" is either dishonest or just plain ignorant.

The FACT is reality (history, science, archeology, personal and collective observation and experience) testifies definitively against the notion that the races are equal.

And, sadly, what never seems to enter into the soft fuzzy heads of the proponents of "equality" is that if that their (unsupported) supposition is wrong and the races are not in fact equal, then it is immoral to treat them as such.


Shy Scientist Syndrome...

In 2007, Chinese geneticists discovered vast differences in the genetic makeup of Africans, Asians and Caucasians. They will soon report a breakthrough showing why some people -- such as Tibetans -- can live effortlessly at high altitudes while others can't.


Now a full-time employee while continuing his studies, Zhao is turning his attention to a topic Western researchers have shied away from because of ethical worries: Zhao plans to study the genes of 1,000 of his best-performing classmates at a top high school in Beijing and compare them, he said, "with 1,000 normal kids."


Ethical worries?

The article demonstrates that it isn't only some Western scientists who "shy away" from such topics, but the media also.

I have a suspicion that the reason there is so much "shyness" about genetic research is that the politically motivated scientists and the media both know that the science will tare asunder their scared cow of "equality".


'They Wrestle Not Against Flesh And Blood'...

American conservative (AKA right of center liberals) have no logical defense of any of their positions because, for them, all things are propositions subject to change.

Case in point,

I know – if you believe the Left's rant, only conservatives are racist bigots. But the truth is, the liberals lead on that one, and they're proud of it.

When they demand special rights for a certain class of "brown" people, they're racially profiling and are bigots.

They should be ashamed. Not only have they opened racial divisions in this country that were virtually closed decades ago...


The issue is illegal aliens: foreigners who cross our borders illegally, stay in this country illegally, take jobs using fake identification – both of which are illegal – and feed at the trough of American generosity for food, housing, medical care, education and whatever else they can get.


Barely had the ink dried, than the long swords were drawn with everyone from politicians, immigration activists, education hacks, the media, ignorant citizens and religious hierarchy, most especially clerics of the Roman Catholic Church, piling on.

Liberals say 1070 mandates racial profiling and is racist – but in truth, liberals are the racists since they seem to think only "brown" people are illegals. Facts prove otherwise, but facts confuse them.


So what then is the objection to illegals from Mexico, if it is not race based?

This where the spineless conservatives of the post-1960's fall apart.

What happens if the illegals apply for citizenship?

What if they all (all 30+ million of them) go back tomorrow then return legally the day after that?

Problem solved?

I think not.

A nation is a race -an extended family, genetically linked.

But America is an ideology to which anyone can join.

It has no racial center and thus no historical center. And following that, it has no political, linguistic, cultural or religious center.

It is an amorphous entity with no form and thus no borders.

When America became "Americanism" (also known as American Exceptionalism) it essentially became a religious movement. And true to form American troops in the middle-east right now are spreading the gospel and faith.

There is no American nation. The "Founding Fathers" founded a business, nothing more.

For a while Whites here held the center and established a civilization because they acknowledged privately and publicly that they were a people separate from the other races.

Since the 1970's "conservatives" have abandoned race-based reality in favor of the Marxist doctrine of "equality". And that is why they loose every debate. And why America continues its rapid slide into full fledged Marxism.

A nation is not a "spirit" or idea. It is a flesh and blood material reality.

Conservatives are now fighting against "spiritual powers" (creeds and ideologies) instead of standing with the flesh and blood.

And because of that they fail.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

American Exceptionalism...

American Exceptionalism. If you are unfamiliar with the phrase you’ll at least recognize it’s definition. Essentially, it is the general belief amongst the declining demographic known as White American Patriots that everybody on planet Earth not only wants to be a White American Patriot, but can and should become White American Patriots.

This is the self delusional philosophy that the average (non-elite) White American conservative clings to in order to justify Imperial America’s foreign military adventurism. And, more importantly, to convince themselves that the massive non-White migration currently flooding America will end with Jamal, Ping, Pedro and Abdullah all speaking colloquial American English, loving John Wayne films, adoring Country music, voting Republican every four years and (magically) never making up more than 5% of small town America’s population.

As you might expect, they are completely insane. Of all the hypocrisies in the world, theirs is uniquely obtuse in that they believe that everyone, everywhere, should voluntarily conform to an obligatory creed of self-reliant independence and rugged individuality. They believe that only fools or terrorists wouldn’t aspire to be exactly like them.

Their most profound conviction is that people with convictions are obstacles to the state funded and government regulated consumerist lifestyle that props up the self-worshiping ideology of Individualism which they believe is inherent to all living beings.

American Exceptionalism is, in many ways, the overtly capitalistic ideological-cousin of Marxism. Many people forget (or didn’t know to begin with) that the Communists set up shop in Moscow to construct, not a regional empire, but rather, a global empire. They intended to bring the glorious revolution to the whole world through subtle propaganda as well as not so subtle militaristic conquests of other nations. After all, they surmised, every people naturally wants what we have to give them; progress,
equality, economic stability and a say in how things are to be done.

Marxists envisioned themselves as liberators who would be greeted with flowers and cheers as everywhere they looked they saw peoples in need of liberation from despots and thugs. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

The truly unique aspect of American Exceptionalism is that it accomplished what old style Marxism never could; true belief and enthusiasm from the masses (aka White people). After all, in what other post-modern ideological system would you expect to find those willing to wage expensive and deadly wars abroad against nations which (historically) have neither the intent or ability to attack them at home?

Of course attacks have happened, just not by nations. And their (the attackers) motivations for the attacks on America was American Exceptionalism showing up in their backyards with banners and bombs. And of course their attacks on American soil were only feasible because American Exceptionalism allows them (nay, insists they come) into the country to begin with. And so a self-cannibalizing cycle continues, gnawing ever closer to the bone.

With cheap labor being good for business and a vanishing middle-class good for elites, corporations, ethnic groups and their mouthpieces in the media have developed and encouraged the notion of American Exceptionalism for middle-class Whites as an ideology or creed which can be adopted by non-Whites as opposed to a biologically based nation-state that is founded upon blood. In particular, European blood.

Concepts such as the “Melting Pot” and “Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses”, have been absorbed into the cultural matrix to such an extent that to mock or question them is to be a heretic. Add a little hubris in the form of “ra-ra-ra U-S-A!!!!!” to the mix and you’ve got the ingredients for civilizational poison.

In fact its gotten to the point that America is no longer a nation but a religion. Being an “American” is now a human right.

Four things (among others) have allowed this faulty thinking to gain ground in the minds of Americans.

1. The unprecedented (multi generational) high standard of living in the US which, in the hands of a “forward thinking”, “live for the moment” people (read, unreflective and historically ignorant) who assume their lifestyle is the historical and future norm, has allowed the idea of civilization-as-a-business cycle to flourish.

2. The belief that this hyper-financially-minded lifestyle is sustainable and wonderfully contagious, and that its compulsory implementation will do away with all distinctions save between those who have flat screen TVs and those who tragically and foolishly do not.

3. See Kevin MacDonald’s book Culture of Critique - undermining the traditional biologically based Western character of America allows for the embrace of a generic, -product-everybody-must-have-, America)

4. America’s size. Stretching out across a continent “Americans” could (traditionally) travel thousands of miles to far away locations and find people who spoke, thought, acted, worshiped, worked and played “American” just like themselves. And if the foreigner living waaaaay out there in Kansas or Texas or Oregon or Michigan or Florida or Virginia was just like them and waved Old Glory too, then naturally the foreigners in Mexico, Europe, the Middle-East and Asia should and could be liberated to Americanism as well. Again, only a fool or terrorist would resist being “American”.

And in the face of unprecedented human migration into every state in the union, it is, in the minds of modern White American Patriots, readily adopted and codified as the cure all solution to America’s rapid third-worldification.

How many White American Patriots are walking through the ghetto their once nice neighborhoods have become, still seeing Mayberry RFD everywhere they look? Sadly, far too many. But if you’re not going to swim against a tide you know is treacherous then you have to contrive an argument/self-delusion to convince yourself the tide was going in your direction to begin with.

In other words, American Exceptionalism is the pseudo-intellectual placebo that White Americans continue to take (or rather, accept) to rid themselves of that gnawing feeling that there may be both short and long term consequences to having junked their own people’s long-fought-for civilization by rejecting their natural tribal tendencies. Racially agnostic Whites (those who generally prefer not to actively believe in the existence of race) are often flabbergasted to find that non-Whites refuse to share in their preferred disbelief. American Exceptionalists face the same a similar rejection. Having vested a lot of emotional energy into projecting their own personalities, temperament and morality onto everyone else in the world they find themselves confused and often “betrayed” by people who, ironically, never considered them comrades to begin with.

This is the obvious outcome of re-basing national identity on a broad based ideology rather than narrowly defined biology (race). In the “America is an Idea” camp there will never be a consensus on what America is, let alone what, if anything, makes it exceptional.

For some people what makes America great is its seeming willingness to commit passive genocide against the people through (and for) whom it came into being in the first place. For others, junking the Constitution and denouncing American history as the epitome of evil is what makes America exceptional.

For White American Patriots, what makes America great is themselves. They just can’t bring themselves to acknowledge this even though their list of “things that make America great” reflects ideas, morals, politics, ethics, cultural practices, etc that only they espouse and enjoy. For them, success in Iraq will be measured by whether or not ten years from now Iraqis are wearing flannel shirts and baseball caps and revelling in tailgate parties.

Ultimately American Exceptionalism suffers the same Achilles Heel as Christianity and other “universal” belief systems wherein assumption meets projection. In attempting to construct and implement a creed-based group identity in a cosmopolitan era or area, it finds itself defined out of existence through the impracticality of its own universal applications which are, out of necessity, ever expanding. When everybody is Roman, no one is Roman.

America is not the greatest country on earth. Never was. There is no such thing as the “greatest country on earth”. There are only countries, kingdoms, etc whose laws, customs, traditions and culture most accurately reflect the values, traditions, customs and culture of the people who inhabit them. In other words, a (natural) biologically-based nation.

Because what is “great” for one people, is not going to be what is “great” for another.


Tick, Tock....

Economic hard times are causing many municipalities to look for ways to reduce their payrolls, but none has taken it as far as the town of Maywood, California.

On Monday night, the Maywood City Council voted unanimously to fire all 100 city employees and contract out most services, including record-keeping, street maintenance, and parks and recreation, to the neighboring town of Bell.


"Four years ago, the department faced a political outcry when it began running checkpoints that resulted in hundreds of cars being taken away from unlicensed illegal immigrants," the Times explains. "The checkpoint sparked a political movement that brought a new council that was more sympathetic to illegal immigrants. But Maywood was back in the headlines when it declared itself a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants...


The Los Angeles Times reports that town residents blame the current problems on "years of financial abuse and corruption" by the city council.


Here is an article from four years ago on Maywood Ca.

This WILL be happening to a town near you, very soon....


Truth Is Racist!...

The current issue of The Economist carries an article marking the 10th anniversary of the mapping of the human genome. There’s nothing sensational about it until the last two paragraphs, which claim that humanity is on the verge of making dangerous discoveries about itself. I won’t take the risk of guessing what those discoveries might be, but it strikes me as odd that The Economist should raise this matter en passant, as if it were half hoping that no one would notice:

Genomics may reveal that humans really are brothers and sisters under the skin. The species is young, so there has been little time for differences to evolve. Politically, that would be good news. It may turn out, however, that some differences both between and within groups are quite marked. If those differences are in sensitive traits like personality or intelligence, real trouble could ensue.

People must be prepared for this possibility, and ready to resist the excesses of racialism, nationalism and eugenics that some are bound to propose in response. That will not be easy. The liberal answer is to respect people as individuals, regardless of the genetic hand that they have been dealt. Genetic knowledge, however awkward, does not change that.

[“Turning-point,” the article from The Economist mentioned above, can be read here.]



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The Basics...

The following is a “meat and potatoes” type of list illustrating some basic concepts and counterpoints to arguments we commonly see.

1. Don‘t waste your time converting atheists.

It has been said that C.S. Lewis’s classic Christian Apologetic, ‘Mere Christianity’ never converted a true atheist but convinced a multitude of agnostics to finally come off of the fence into the believer’s camp. In regards to the issues surrounding race there are similar divisions of people. Those being, True Believes (us), Racial Agnostics and Racial Atheists. And as with Lewis’s work being most effective at moving the agnostics, likewise we should concentrate our efforts and arguments towards the Racial Agnostics instead of Racial Atheists, who are likely to reject Racialism no matter how compelling the facts presented.

You can generally distinguish between the two through basic conversation.

2. Basic facts.

Most people have no idea about the demographic predicament the White race is in. So tell them that Whites today are in fact no more than around 13% of the world’s population and dropping fast. And what that means is that minorities (non-Whites) are nearly 90% of the worlds population and growing. Who is the minority here?

Now if they reply with, “Yeah but non-Whites are a minority in The West (or specific countries therein),” you can point out that that argument is simply compartmentalizing the issue. Two can play that game. Blacks are a minority in the United States … yeah, and ... Whites are a minority in the Americas. Hispanics are a minority in America …. yeah, and … Whites are a minority in Chicago, New York, etc …

And often along the same lines we hear that, “It’s an ever-changing world.”

Well, no. New Technological toys aside, large swaths of Africa, Asia, Latin America and the middle-east (where the majority of humans live) have seen very little to no change in the last one hundred years (or more). Only in The West is the ever-changing world, ever-changing. Other areas have been able to integrate new technologies into theirsocieties without much alteration to their day-to-day lives.

3. Pointing out the hypocrisy.

We all know this one but it needs repeating to keep it in mind. On the one hand we hear, “I believe race is a social construct. There is no such thing as race,” and on the other hand, “Racially mixed people are more attractive,” or some such comment. Obviously if they argue that there are is no such thing as race then they can’t un-hypocritically claim that there are racially mixed people with whom to compare “bland” un-mixed White people.

With this also comes the, “I judge the individual,” types. When it comes to the topic of, say, black crime, this type always says, “Yeah, well, I judge individuals not whole groups. It isn’t fair to demonize an entire group for the actions of a few.” This very same type will then turn around and suddenly wax collective with such hypocritical zingers as, “White people sure have done the Indians bad.”

4. The historic treatment of minorities.

Ever heard someone talk about minority/majority relations in a historic context? About how the Indians were treated by Whites in the early years of colonization in the New World? Here is the obvious counterpoint; For at least the first century that Whites were in the Americas THEY WERE THE MINORITY GROUP!

The same is true for the British in India and Africa and the Spanish and others in Asia and Latin America.

Also, along similar lines of rebuttal, we often here about the historic stereotyping of minorities in media. Of course the truth is that minorities were indeed stereotyped in films throughout the 30’s 40’s and 50’s. Only, they were stereotyped as almost universally innocent, na├»ve, often helpful and only occasionally, accidentally, threatening goofballs. How many films prior to the 1970’s portrayed blacks as thieving rapists and/or thuggish murderers? Even with Cowboys and Indians films the main antagonist was almost always a White guy manipulating the hapless natives into going after the good guys. In fact the overall positive portrayal of Indians ( as wise-noble warriors) can be witnessed in the number of White Americans who lay claim to them as distant ancestors.

5. Understanding the definition of words.

Prejudice is a word that is slung around as an insult quite a bit. What does prejudice mean? It means,

“An adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or examination of the facts.”

It literally means to PRE-judge. If, for example, you declare your dislike of Pizza before ever having tried it, then your opinion is prejudiced. But, if having tried it, you declare your dislike of Pizza, then your opinion is not prejudiced.

The same goes with race. If you have had personal contact with members of another race, have read literature about them and studied the opinions of other who have as well, then your opinion of them, be it negative OR POSITIVE, is hardly prejudiced. Rather, it is a verdict.

I add the positive above because the inverse is true as well. If someone declares a person, place or thing as being good without having any knowledge of that person, place or thing, then there positive opinion is, in fact, prejudiced.

6. ‘Here’ is not always the same place.

When conversation on illegal immigration arises we often here the cry,

Indians we’re here first! Whites are the illegal immigrants!


We’re all immigrants or the offspring of immigrants.

To this I usually reply with the fact that none of my own ancestors immigrated to the United States, legally or illegally. You see there was no United States prior to its creation in the 1770’s and 1780’s. And all of my ancestors arrived long before then. They were British colonists moving from one part of the empire to another, who, along with other such colonists, created the United States from scratch.

The United States of America is an original social/legal construct created by, for and in the image of, Whites.

The VERY FIRST Americans were White.

So no, the Indians were not here first. That would be like saying that Indians were the founders of the Microsoft Corporation since they once roamed the land where its headquarters currently resides. Or that Geronimo should be listed amongst the historic rosters of the Arizona Cardinals football team since “he was there first.”

7. Other peoples contributed.

Yes, blacks, Asians, Hispanics and others assisted along the way. But does that intimately tie them in with American identity and basic history? Let alone critical decisions about the future course of the nation?


Just think of all the people in your own life who assist in keeping your family going. Dentists, Doctors, Carpenters, Plumbers, Mechanics, Accountants, Police, Lawyers, Ditch Diggers, Road Construction Crews, Janitors, Vendors, Farmers, Coal Miners, Truck Drivers, Fisherman, etc … All people who are often critical to the continuation of you and your family’s quality of living. Yet how many people feel the need to call up ‘Murray the Plumber’ and get his vote on where the family should vacation this year?

How many people would call up the guy who dry-walled their living room last year to hear his side in determining whether grandma should be unplugged from life-support?

8. “I believe in treating everybody equally.”

We’ve all heard that one. Yet nobody who ever utters that nonsense believe in it or practices it. It just sounds good to them. A good (and comical illustrative) rebuttal to that one is:-

Okay, suppose a major war breaks out and you are placed in a position of choosing recruits. Today you have two potentials. One is a smart, fit and healthy young man and the other is mentally retarded.

What would you do, Mr. Equality?

Flip a coin?

9.You can’t judge a book by its cover.

No, but you pay more for a hardback than a paperback, don’t you? Apples and Oranges are both fruits, yet I can tell one from the other by looking at their skins. Maples and Oaks are both trees, yet I can tell one from the other by observing their outward covering, their bark.

10 White Privilege.

Isn’t it comical how the left implies that there is something sinister or out of place about White people socially and culturally dominating in nations where they were historically 90% (or more ) of the population?

How come we don’t hear about “Asian Privilege” in China. I mean, what else could explain the lack of Ethiopian and Ecuadorian heads of state there? No doubt “Asian Privilege” explains why Japanese people dominate Japanese business …

Of course there was historic White Privilege in America. Just like there was English Privilege in England, French Privilege in France, Japanese Privilege in Japan or Jewish Privilege in Israel. Talking about White Privilege in traditional America is about as necessary as talking about “Henderson Privilege” in the Henderson’s household. After all, why do the Henderson kids automatically get to go on vacation with Mr. and Mrs. Henderson? Why does Mr. Henderson only give his own kids an allowance? Why is it always Mrs. Henderson who gets an anniversary present on the Henderson Wedding Anniversary?

Yes, there can be no doubt that a bigoted and insidious force known as “Henderson Privilege” is at work in the Henderson household.


Demographics = Destiny...

from Steve Sailer,

We keep satirizing this, but now a Washington Post news story really is headlined

Minorities hit harder by foreclosure crisis

“Minority homeowners have been disproportionately affected by the foreclosure crisis and stand to lose homes at a faster pace than white borrowers in the future, according to a report released Friday by a nonprofit research group. … The ‘analysis suggests dramatic differences in how the foreclosure crisis has affected racial and ethnic groups,’ the report said. ‘African American and Latino borrowers have borne and will continue to disproportionately bear the burden of foreclosures.’ "

(By Renae Merle, Saturday, June 19, 2010)

If you translate this out of the evasive passive voice and into the active voice, you come up with something more informative, namely:


But defaults couldn’t possibly be the fault of the defaulters, if the defaulters are minorities, could they? So instead, Felix Salmon of Reuters asks Are foreclosures racists? June 18, 2010:

“If you’re a high-income Latino with a mortgage, you’re almost twice as likely to be facing foreclosure than a high-income non-Hispanic white person. And in general, the foreclosure crisis is hitting blacks and Latinos much harder than it is whites, according to a startling new report from the Center for Responsible Lending.”

Now, you might think that foreclosure rate has something to do with, say, blacks and Hispanics having remarkably fewer financial assets to use as safety cushions in case housing prices don’t continue to rise. After all, a 2007 Federal Reserve Board report to Congress (PDF) noted:

“Black and Hispanic families are less likely than non-Hispanic white families to have any financial assets, so the disparity in median financial assets for all families (rather than just those with financial assets) is even larger, with the overall medians for black and Hispanic families roughly 5 percent to 7 percent of the non-Hispanic white median.”

Moreover, African-Americans and Latinos are less likely than whites to have prosperous relatives who can help them out with a loan if they are in danger of defaulting.

You might think that, but being aware of those facts just shows you are a racist. Salmon [Email him] writes:

“I’ll hazard a guess and say that this probably has something to do with a lot of middle- and high-income Latinos in California and Arizona being sold subprime mortgages, even when they qualified for a prime loan.”

The Washington Post’s Merle agrees that discrimination is the cause:

-The Rest Here


Friday, June 18, 2010

When Minorities Rule...

I live in Georgia. My congressional representative is Hank Johnson, a Democrat whom I am unafraid to call stupid. In April at a House Armed Services Committee hearing, Johnson expressed genuine concern that sending more personnel to Guam would cause the island to “tip over and capsize.”


When Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) asked whether the Mars Pathfinder took pictures of the flag that Neil Armstrong had planted on Mars, the story was gently buried. When Hank Johnson worried about Guam capsizing, that embarrassing li’l blast of “brain fog” was quietly blamed on his Hep-C treatment regimen. But after Greene fathered countless pregnant pauses live on national television, it’s absurd to deny it—Alvin Greene is, as Fred Sanford would say, a dummy. He “takes it to that ‘nother level,” as the blacks are fond of saying.



On a side street in an old industrial neighborhood, a delivery man stacks a dolly of goods outside a store. Ten feet away stands another man clad in military fatigues, combat boots and what appears to be a flak jacket. He looks straight out of Baghdad. But this isn't Iraq. It's southeast Detroit, and he's there to guard the groceries.

"No pictures, put the camera down," he yells. My companion and I, on a tour of how people in this city are using urban farms to grow their own food, speed off.

In this recession-racked town, the lack of food is a serious problem. It's a theme that comes up again and again in conversations in Detroit. There isn't a single major chain supermarket in the city...


There used to be supermarkets there but crime drove them out of the area.

What happened?

Races in Detroit:

  • Black (81.6%)
  • White Non-Hispanic (10.5%)
  • Hispanic (5.0%)
  • Other race (2.5%)
  • Two or more races (2.3%)
  • American Indian (0.9%)


Probably one of the most emailed-around articles on Election Day was this:

“In western Kenya, relatives, friends and a bull ready for slaughter were massed around the homestead of Barack Obama's late father, awaiting a hoped-for victory for their new favourite son…Leading in US opinion polls over Republican rival John McCain, Obama received some added support in Kenya with special prayer sessions and even a victory prediction from a local witch doctor. [Obama's Kenyan relatives ready bull for slaughter, by Odhiambo Akombo, AFP, November 4, 2008]

If President Obama succeeds in arranging more immigration from Africa, Americans can expect a wide assortment of superstitious behavior that we would find objectionable, to say the least.

In Tanzania, at least 30 albinos have been murdered in the last year because of witchcraft. Their body parts are much desired for sorcery rituals and bring a high price. There is a cross-border trade with Burundi where albinos, including children, are chased down, killed and dismembered. One man was pursued by four armed men and had to hide in the forest for two days.

The purchasers may place a body part near a gold mine to bring the metal to the surface or on a hook as fish bait.

"The killers sell body parts such as arms, legs, hair, skin and genitals, according to police and albino groups.

“Those involved in witchcraft, especially in mining and fishing industries, believe these will enrich them, President Kikwete said last month, calling it a 'stupid belief.'

Local media have reported several incidents of victims left to bleed to death.

'They are cutting us up like chickens,' Msembo said, while pointing to a picture on a wall in her cramped office of a limbless body with the skin on its face peeled off from an incident in 2007." [African albinos killed for body parts, By George Obulutsa, Reuters, November 3, 2008]

As a result, the 200,000 Tanzanian albinos are terrorized and angry that their corpses have become a commodity. In one recent case, a 10-year-old girl was killed and mutilated by a gang to sell the parts.

In Angola and Congo, children are accused surprisingly often of being witches, and often expelled from their families. One investigation counted 432 Angolan street children in a single town who had been accused of witchcraft and turned out.

it was reported in September that accusations of sorcery set off a soccer riot in eastern Congo causing the deaths of 13 people, most of whom were children and teens. [Witchcraft rumor sparks riot at Congo soccer game, AP, September 15, 2008] The blow-up began when one player was suspected of throwing something into the net of the opposing team, which was thought to be "witchcraft." The result was violence and death.

Worse, her case was only the tip of the iceberg.

"An official inquiry into the abuse of African children branded as witches is expected to conclude that there have been at least 50 such cases over five years in London alone.

The investigation is expected to find that cases of sorcery-related abuse are now spreading outside the capital to areas such as Liverpool, Newcastle and parts of Yorkshire—although they remain confined to only a minority of Africans in Britain.

The abuse of the children has ranged from shouting to beating, starving, slashing with knives and razors and, in at least one case, murder." ["Witch child" abuse spreads in Britain, By Jack Grimston Sunday Times, June 25, 2006]

Another shocking murder was "Adam," an unidentified child whose headless torso was found in the Thames in September 2001. The African boy was believed to be between four and six years old and had swallowed a potion containing bone fragments before he died. Investigators concluded that the boy was killed in a ritual murder as a part of African witchcraft. No-one was ever arrested.

After more investigation of missing children in Britain, authorities determined that some 300 black boys aged 4-7 were unaccounted for, leading to fears of widespread child sacrifice. But child protective agencies do not track the many foreign children sent to live in Britain under the care of persons who are not the parents. So the extent of abuse is not really known.

More complicating is the presence of ostensibly Christian churches, populated with African immigrants, which commonly practice exorcisms. ['Exorcisms are part of our culture', By Cindi John BBC News, June 3, 2005]In particular, Congolese and Angolan preachers accept the existence of evil spirits, curses and demonic possession, and weave that belief into their ministries. In some cases, pastors have crossed the line into child abuse in their activities to drive out evil spirits. Social turmoil has been an unfortunate byproduct, with ethnic groups accusing police of racism.


Crime Rates

  • Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.
  • When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.
  • Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate, and Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate.
  • The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic.

Interracial Crime

  • Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent.
  • Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black.
  • Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.
  • Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially-designated hate crimes against whites than vice versa.


  • Only 10 percent of youth gang members are white.
  • Hispanics are 19 times more likely than whites to be members of youth gangs. Blacks are 15 times more likely, and Asians are nine times more likely.


  • Between 1980 and 2003 the US incarceration rate more than tripled, from 139 to 482 per 100,000, and the number of prisoners increased from 320,000 to 1.39 million.
  • Blacks are seven times more likely to be in prison than whites. Hispanics are three times more likely.

The table does not gives statistics for Hispanic victims and offenders. But the bottom line on interracial white/black and black/white rape is clear:

In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man.

What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man.


Zimbabwe began officially trading in foreign currency Friday in what is seen as tacit acknowledgment that its own currency has collapsed.
President Robert Mugabe, in power since independence from Britain in 1980, blames Western sanctions for the economic collapse. But critics point to his 2000 order that commercial farms be seized from whites.
A defiant Robert Mugabe has sailed unchallenged through the first test
of his presidency by his peers.

Western leaders from France, the United States and Canada joined
Britain in ratcheting up pressure on the organisation to reject Mr Mugabe’s

Freshly sworn in after a single candidate election, he received a
leader’s welcome when he strode into the African Union summit in Sharm el-Sheikh
yesterday and emerged unfazed, his authority intact.
He dined at a lavish
luncheon given by his Egyptian hosts, hugged heads of state and other diplomats
in the corridors and stayed at the Peninsula Hotel, one of the most luxurious in
this Red Sea town. “Mr Mugabe is staying there as a courtesy by the Egyptian
Government,” a hotel spokesman said. Delegates from the opposition Movement for
Democratic Change (MDC) lodged at the Sheraton, while their leader, Morgan
Tsvangirai, remained in Zimbabwe.
The African Union’s public response to Mr
Mugabe’s seizure of power was seen as a key measure of the organisation’s
commitment to democracy after Zimbabwe’s violent run-off elections.

Mugabe has said time and again he regards the upcoming vote not as an
election but as a continuation of the liberation struggle against western
imperialism and its "puppet", Tsvangirai. "This country shall not again come
under the rule and control of the white man, direct or indiret"....-

Elsewhere in previously White ruled lands...

The first ever purpose built village for people living with the Aids disease
has opened in South Africa aiming to give more dignity and purpose to
ill patents.-

Africa accounts for only one tenth of the world's population but nine out of
ten new cases of HIV infection. Eighty three percent of all AIDS deaths are
Africa, where the disease has killed ten times more people than war.
In nine
countries in sub-Saharan Africa, more than 10 percent of the
adult population is
HIV positive. In Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland and
Zimbabwe, 20 to 26 percent of
the population aged 15-49 is living with HIV
or AIDS -
Africa at war: The genocide spilling from the Darfur region of Sudan into
neighboring Chad has captured attention in the United States mainly because of
(belated) media coverage and an aggressive advocacy campaign by concerned
groups, but the prospects of Washington dealing with the problem seem slim.
Darfur, however, is only one of a pox of conflicts that, together with HIV/AIDS,
are depopulating parts of Africa and robbing it of potential wealth from
mineral, oil and gas deposits. Wars have also raged in Chad, Congo, Liberia,
Sierra Leone and Somalia. Were it not for the Iraq war, Washington may have
acted to stop what the Bush administration admits is genocide in Darfur, or
taken steps to prevent the chaos sweeping Somalia after a group affiliated with
al-Qaeda took over the country and left Ethiopia no choice but to invade in
hopes of preventing a more disastrous war. Unfortunately, even designating a
small presence of U.S. Special Forces to lead a U.N.-approved peacekeeping force
in Darfur appears beyond the capability of the badly stretched American
Formerly White ruled South Africa, now in the hands of blacks,
South Africans today are deeply demoralised people. The lights are going out
in homes, mines, factories and shopping malls as the national power authority,
Eskom - suffering from mismanagement, lack of foresight, a failure to maintain
power stations and a flight of skilled engineers to other countries - implements
rolling power cuts that plunge towns and cities into daily chaos.Major
industrial projects are on hold. The only healthy enterprise now worth being
involved in is the sale of small diesel generators to powerless households but
even this business has run out of supplies and spare parts from China.Newly
elected African National Congress (ANC) leader Jacob Zuma, the state
president-in-waiting, narrowly escaped being jailed for raping an HIV-positive
woman last year, and faces trial later this year for soliciting and accepting
bribes in connection with South Africa's shady multi-billion-pound arms deal
with British, German and French weapons manufacturers.Commenting on the massive
power cuts, Trevor Gaunt, professor of electrical engineering at the University
of Cape Town, who warned the government eight years ago of the impending crisis,
said: "The damage is huge, and now South Africa looks just like the rest of
Africa. Maybe it will take 20 years to recover."Last week, for example,
18-year-old Razelle Botha, who passed all her A-levels with marks of more than
90% and was about to train as a doctor, returned home with her father, Professor
Willem Botha, founder of the geophysics department at the University of
Pretoria, from buying pizzas for the family. Inside the house, armed gunmen
confronted them. They shot Professor Botha in the leg and pumped bullets into
Razelle.One severed her spine. Now she is fighting for her life and will never
walk again, and may never become a doctor. The gunmen stole a laptop computer
and a camera.Feeding the perfect storm are the two centres of ANC power in the
country at the moment. On the one hand, there is the ANC in parliament, led by
President Mbeki, who last Friday gave a state-of-the-nation address and
apologised to the country for the power crisis.Mbeki made only the briefest of
mentions of the national Aids crisis, with more than six million people
HIV-positive. He did not address the Scorpions crisis. The collapsing public
hospital system, under his eccentric health minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang,
an alcoholic who recently jumped the public queue for a liver transplant,
received no attention. And the name Jacob Zuma did not pass his lips.Zuma, a
Zulu populist with some 20 children by various wives and mistresses, hoped to
prove that last year's rape case, and the trial he faces this year for
corruption and other charges...-
Formerly White ruled Rhodesia, now renamed Zimbabwe and ruled by blacks,
HARARE (AFP) — Zimbabwe's inflation rate, already the highest in the world,
has soared to a new high of 66,212.3 percent, according to official figures
obtained by AFP on Thursday.Zimbabwe's economy has been on a downturn for the
past eight years characterised by galloping inflation and shortages of basic
foodstuffs such as sugar and cooking oil.At least 80 percent of the population
is living below the poverty threshold, often skipping meals to stretch their
income, which frequently fails to cover basic needs.-
Formerly White ruled Kenya, now ruled by blacks,
Several people were beaten and hacked to death with machetes in a Nairobi
slum Sunday in renewed ethnic fighting over Kenya's disputed election, residents
said.Elsewhere, police managed to quell more than two days of fierce fighting
around a Catholic monastery that killed 22 people and left 200 homes burned in
the Rift Valley, 190 miles northwest of the capital Nairobi, officials said.A
government commission says more than 600 people have been killed in violence
that erupted after the Dec. 27...One man staggered past with blood streaming
from the stump of his arm, which had been cut off with a machete. The arm was
taken by a group of youths and placed on top of a pile of stones barricading an
alleyway. In a separate incident, around 50 people attacked welder Dominic
Owour, a 23-year-old Luo, and tried to cut off both his hands at the forearm,
Owour said.Both men said police watching the attacks did not intervene.A local
reporter at the scene counted 14 people dead from machete wounds, three bodies
stuck with arrows and five people shot dead by police.-
Formerly White ruled Congo, now ruled by blacks,
Le Blanc and I are into our 500th kilometer on the river when he turns my
view of modern African history on its head. "We should just give it all back to
the whites," the riverboat captain says. "Even if you go 1,000 kilometers down
this river, you won't see a single sign of development. When the whites left, we
didn't just stay where we were. We went backwards.""The river is the artery of
Congo's economy," he says. "When the Belgians and the Portuguese were here,
there were farms and plantations — cashews, peanuts, rubber, palm oil. There was
industry and factories employing 3,000 people, 5,000 people. But since
independence, no Congolese has succeeded.Around 45,000 people die each month in
the DRC as a result of the social collapse brought on by civil war, according to
a study released in January by the International Rescue Committee. It estimated
the total loss of life between 1998 and April 2007 at 5.4 million. For many
Congolese like Le Blanc, the difficulties of today blot out the cruelties of the
past. "On this river, all that you see — the buildings, the boats — only whites
did that. After the whites left, the Congolese did not work. We did not know how
to. For the past 50 years, we've just declined." He pauses. "They took this
country by force," he says, with more than a touch of admiration. "If they came
back, this time we'd give them the country for free."-
Formerly White ruled Detroit, now ruled by blacks,
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick took his text message scandal to the Michigan
Supreme Court on Friday, urging justices to strike down decisions from two lower
courts to provide the public with secret documents he used to settle police
whistle-blower lawsuits last year for $8.4 million.The city filed the appeal
under seal, but city law director John E. Johnson Jr. said in a statement the
city asked the high court to consider the same arguments that were rejected
Wednesday by the Michigan Court of Appeals and on Feb. 5 by Wayne County Circuit
Judge Robert Colombo Jr., in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by the
Free Press.Councilman Kwame Kenyatta said in a statement, "Either the mayor has
something to hide or he's buying packing time.""When you have two lower courts
going against you, it's pretty rough," said Wayne State University law professor
Peter Henning. "It's any litigant's right to seek review, but it's not a
cost-free decision."He questioned -- as have many council members -- whether the
city Law Department is acting on behalf of the city or just the mayor.-

here is a photographic essay
of the post-White ruin that has come upon Detroit.
Formerly White ruled New Orleans, now ruled by blacks,
As District Attorney Eddie Jordan descended last week to his moment of
greatest political vulnerability, a group of prominent business leaders met with
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin to craft an exit strategy for the beleaguered
prosecutor -- one that chiefly involved giving him a soft landing in a private
sector job, sources familiar with the talk said Tuesday.The unprecedented move
ends a tenure mired in criticism over a widely perceived failure to successfully
prosecute violent criminals, chronic turnover in his office, and most recently
the bizarre disclosure that a robbery suspect fled to Jordan's Algiers house
only to then become a suspect in the shooting of a New Orleans police
officer.Now, Jordan's undoing appears rooted in one of his first official acts:
Systematically firing white employees and replacing them with black applicants
two weeks after taking office. While it's hardly uncommon for politicians to
clean house and install loyalists, a federal jury of eight white and two black
jurors unanimously found that Jordan, who is black, fired 43 employees -- all
white but for one Hispanic -- because of their race.Of 56 total dismissals, 53
of the employees were white. Within six months of his administration, Jordan had
hired 68 people, 92 percent of them African-American. Critics further have
suggested that the firings had the effect of stripping the office of
institutional knowledge and experienced talent, throwing its daily management
into confusion and setting off a trend of poor working conditions and chronic
turnover.This criticism climaxed this summer, when his office dismissed charges
against suspects in the 2006 murders of musician and teacher Dinerral Shavers
and the Central City massacre that left five teenagers dead in the street. Both
cases fell apart, with Jordan claiming uncooperative witnesses.Earlier this
year, Jordan was further lambasted for his office's repeated release of
suspects, even occasionally ones arrested for violent crimes, because his
prosecutors could not make a decision about whether to press charges under the
state mandated deadline. These releases are called "701s," shorthand for Article
701 of the Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure, which states that no one can be
held longer than 60 days on a felony arrest without an indictment.In the latest
and strangest flare-up, police recently questioned Jordan after robbery suspect
Elton Phillips, 20, allegedly fled to his home after holding up a man outside a
nearby Algiers Shell station.-



The propagandists for the Israel Lobby, who occupy the Wall Street Journal editorial page while pretending to be journalists, are determined to remove Helen Thomas from the annals of journalism.

In case you have already forgotten, a few days ago the distinguished career of Helen Thomas, the 89-year-old doyen of the White House Press Corps, was ended by the Israel Lobby, which made an issue about her opinion that immigrant Jews should leave Palestine and go back to their home countries.

The White House Correspondents’ Association fell in line with the demands of the Israel Lobby. And the cowardly president of the organization added the association’s disapprobation to that of the neoconservative cabal.

Having removed Helen Thomas from the journalism scene, the Israel Lobby is now working with its agents on the Wall Street Journal editorial page to eliminate the Helen Thomas Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Society of Professional Journalists.

A nonentity in the world of journalism, James Taranto, apparently is associated with the Wall Street Journal editorial page, although Wikipedia reports that he was incapable of graduating from journalism school at California State University, Northridge. On a Wall Street Journal web site, Taranto writes: “We’ve been calling Thomas ‘American journalism’s crazy old aunt in the attic’ for years”, and he asks who would now accept the Helen Thomas award after Ms. Thomas revealed she really was crazy by criticizing Israel. ('A Living Icon of Journalism'

The Society of Professional Journalists honors Helen Thomas. Still!, June 8 2010)

I would, for one. Of course the Society of Professional Journalists would never give the award, assuming the distinguished award survives the assault of the Israel Lobby’s assassins, to a critic of Israel.

Helen excepted, American journalists are cowards. With the concentrated ownership of the corporate media today, no independently-minded journalist can have a career in print or TV media. You defend the Washington/Tel Aviv line, or you are out of work.

-more here


PC DC History...

from James Edwards,

Of course, I’ve thought that several times before, only to run across an even more outrageous story just a few days later. And sure enough, it’s happened again. Amazon is selling a small book that contains the texts of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Articles of Confederation. And – are you ready for this? In the front of the book is a disclaimer saying the material may not be suitable for children because it’s not PC! I’m NOT making this up!

“This book is a product of its time and does not reflect the same values as it would if it were written today. Parents might wish to discuss with their children how views on race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and interpersonal relations have changed since this book was written before allowing them to read this classic work.”

What if there is no end to this madness? What if political correctness is a bottomless pit of evil?


Eventually it will be offensive to suggest that the sun puts out more light than the moon. After all, it's a discriminatory statement.

Liberalism, after all, is a war against reality.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coming To A State Near You...

About 3,500 acres of southern Arizona have been closed off to U.S. citizens due to increased violence at the U.S.-Mexico border, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The closed off area includes part of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge that stretches along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu told Fox News that violence against law enforcement officers and U.S. citizens has increased in the past four months, forcing officers on an 80 mile stretch of Arizona land north of the Mexico border off-limits to Americans.


Ceding territory to foreign powers is a sign of IMMANENT collapse of an empire.

The millions pouring across our border represent a migration, not immigration.

The oil disaster in the gulf....

The multiple wars fought abroad....

Increasing ethnic political balkanization...

The wealth being plundered by banksters...

Crumbling infrastructure....

The list goes on.

These are all signs of an empire rapidly coming undone.

Those in denial will continue to look past it all up to and after the collapse.

But its happening right in front of our eyes whether we choose to see it or not.


Here And Now...

Obama senior adviser David Axelrod said Greene was not a "legitimate" candidate and called his victory "a mysterious deal." (Yes, how could a young African-American man with strange origins, suspicious funding, shady associations, no experience, no qualifications and no demonstrable work history come out of nowhere and win an election?)


Alvin Greene and the 6 votes to a latino program in New York is a good indicator of the future......no, of the present....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Equality Makes Crime Legal...

N.Y. (AP) - Arthur Furano voted early—five days before Election Day. And he voted often, flipping the lever six times for his favorite candidate.

Furano cast multiple votes on the instructions of a federal judge and the U.S. Department of Justice as part of a new election system crafted to help boost Hispanic representation.


Yep, you read that right.

Welcome to politics in the third world.

And it only gets worse from here.


Monday, June 14, 2010

And Still America Slumbers...

Standing in front of a wall-to-wall mural featuring a who’s who of revolutionaries, including Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, and boldly displaying the motto Patria o Muerte, Venceremos!!! (Fatherland or Death, We Shall Overcome!!!), a group of teachers, students, parents and community activists in the Los Angeles Unified School District gathered last month for an unusual field trip—to Arizona, to protest that state’s controversial immigration law.


Lara, who made the video, teaches at the Unified School District’s Santee Education Complex with Ron Gochez, another social studies teacher who came under fire last month after he was identified making incendiary remarks in a widely circulated YouTube video that shows him speaking at a 2007 rally for La Raza, a revolutionary group calling for Mexican revolt inside the United States.

In that video, Gochez referred to Americans as “frail, racist, white people, and to California as “stolen, occupied Mexico.” The video’s posting led to a groundswell of anger and a flood of calls for Gochez’s firing, but a school district investigation found him fit to continue teaching history to public school students.

Both Lara and Gochez are active in numerous revolutionary groups, including Union Del Barrio, a La Raza organization that Gochez helped establish across the street from Santee High School.



Friday, June 11, 2010

Engineering Equal Outcomes...

For the principal and assistant principal, high scores could buoy their careers at a time when success is increasingly measured by such tests. For fifth-grade math and science teachers, the rewards were more tangible: a bonus of $2,850.

But when the results came back, some seemed too good to be true. Indeed, after an investigation by the Galena Park Independent School District, the principal, assistant principal and three teachers resigned May 24 in a scandal over test tampering.

The district said the educators had distributed a detailed study guide after stealing a look at the state science test by “tubing” it — squeezing a test booklet, without breaking its paper seal, to form an open tube so that questions inside could be seen and used in the guide. The district invalidated students’ scores.

investigations in Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, Virginia and elsewhere this year have pointed to cheating by educators. Experts say the phenomenon is increasing as the stakes over standardized testing ratchet higher — including, most recently, taking student progress on tests into consideration in teachers’ performance reviews.


The pictures at the link are worth a thousand words.

This is what happens when an entire society eagerly pursues something that quite obviously doesn't exist.

Equality is a fiction.

The races are not equal, and nothing in the world is going to change that fact.

But lying sure is a quick fix and by the time anyone notices, it (and the implications it highlights) is swept under the rug and forgotten.

And even if you believe in equal opportunity you will still be faced with the fact that EQUAL OPPORTUNITY DOES NOT MEAN EQUAL OUTCOMES.

As Whites continue to decrease in percentage (due entirely to the flood of legal and illegal immigrants) America will sink deeper into the depravity common to the third world. Corruption, crime, poverty, disease....these things are common to certain races no matter where they reside. Bringing them into The West will not change their fundamental makeup.

If you dance with the devil you better know the devil leads. And America has most certainly decided to waltz with Old Scratch when it trampled truth and reality under foot to exalt its new golden calf, equality.


In Sweden...

Rioters in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, have burned down a school building and thrown stones at police in a second night of disturbances.

The trouble began on Monday after a group of youths in a suburb with a mainly immigrant population were refused entry to a school dance.

Police say up to 100 youths went on the rampage, throwing stones and setting several cars alight.

Two people were detained but later released.

'Little Mogadishu'

Police said the rioters threw stones at the fire engines, preventing them from reaching the school building before it burned to the ground. The youths also attacked a police station.

Rinkeby is home to a large number of first- and second-generation immigrants. Many of them are from Somalia, so the area is sometimes nicknamed Little Mogadishu.


Now just imagine the same people post-economic meltdown....

Race is not a social construct. Societies are racial constructs.



from V-Dare,

It’s the year 2010, so it’s census time again. Have you filled out your census form? I have, and according to the census website, 72% of U.S. residents (not all legal, by the way) have done so.

The constitutional basis for the U.S: census is found in the U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 2. In that section it is related to the calculation of "Representatives and direct taxes".

The first national census under the constitution was the census of 1790. My great-great-great-great-great grandfather Jacob Wall was counted in that census. What if my ancestor could travel through time 220 years and see today’s census, what would he think of it? What do we think of it?

Whereas the original census existed for purposes of taxation and representation, the taxation part has been superseded by the 16th Amendment and now a whole slew of other purposes have been added on to the decennial census.

Now it’s not enough to just carry out the census. As VDARE.COM's Brenda Walker has pointed out, the Census Bureau is spending $133 million on "marketing and outreach".

Today’s census has become a tool for the bloated and indebted Federal Government Leviathan to dole out billions of dollars. It’s also a tool for the dispossession of America’s historic white, English-speaking majority.

Check out the Census website to see what I mean.

To begin with, if you don’t speak English, don’t worry. You can obtain information (in video and audio) on the census in all sorts of languages, including Albanian, Arabic, Gujarati, Cambodian and Turkish.

Here’s what it says in the section of the website entitled

How it [the Census] Affects the Nation :

"Census information affects the numbers of seats your state occupies in the U.S. House of Representatives. [That’s the only constitutional purpose of the census. Here’s the rest…]"

"And people from many walks of life use census data to advocate for causes, rescue disaster victims, prevent diseases, research markets, locate pools of skilled workers and more."

"When you do the math, it's easy to see what an accurate count of residents can do for your community. Better infrastructure. More services. A brighter tomorrow for everyone. In fact, the information the census collects helps to determine how more than $400 billion dollars of federal funding each year is spent on infrastructure and services like: Hospitals, Job training centers, Schools, Senior centers, Bridges, tunnels and other-public works projects, Emergency services."

The Census form further justifies itself by explaining to the user why the various nosy questions are important. Let’s look at some of these explanations in detail:

-more here