Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Prince Of This World...

from World Net Daily,

I've received a number of queries from some of my "progressive" friends and acquaintances since writing a blistering commentary that probably contributed to the forced retirement of Helen Thomas.

Not a one of them, by the way, said: "Farah, I know I don't often agree with you about matters like government redistribution of wealth, the need for government to protect individual liberties rather than create group rights, gun control, freedom of the press and a host of other issues, but you were right about Helen Thomas. She was way over the line. What she said was blatantly anti-Semitic, and there was no excuse. Good riddance to her and congratulations to you."

Not even close.

In fact, every single one of the comments I received from so-called "enlightened progressives" suggested that I had overreacted to Thomas' remarks.


What this suggests to me is that there is a growing intolerance, to use one of its terms, among the "progressive left" toward Israel and Jews in general.

That should be disturbing to every American.

Why would so-called "progressives," whose religion is tolerance and diversity, be so willing to excuse the kind of hate speech Helen Thomas offered in that infamous video?


Oh those kwazy kwistians...

So a respected reporter who has been a staple of the White House press since time began makes ONE remark against the master race -whoops! I mean, "chosen people" - and her career is over.

And this is supposed to speak of growing anti-Antisemitism?

THIS, the judeo-Christians jump up and down about. The massacre of the people on the aid flotilla? For that they just shrug and mumble, "yeah, well, they had it coming."

All this goes back to modern Christians original interpretation of biblical text which they imagine "prophesies" of Israel being reformed in the "last days".

That no Christian scholar or teacher made this sort of interpretation for the first 2,000 years of Christianity bothers them little.

Nor does the fact that a nation is not a nation-state.

And they certainly won't entertain the possibility of it being a "lying sign" which the bible also predicted.

Nope, they NEED for this modern political nation-state of Israel to be a "divine sign" to counter the successful attacks science and history has made upon their religion over the past century or so.

They NEED signs because much of the rest of their religion has withered in the light of modern scholarship.

They need "wars and rumors of wars" and an "Israel reborn" and so on because their ordinary everyday faith has crumbled into dust.

That the formation of a nation state Israel is seen as the defeat of Jesus Christ and his claim to being the Son of God never enters their tiny little brains.