Saturday, July 31, 2010


We all use the word 'awake' in reference to the state of the general population's perceptions of the world about them.
But, really, we are all awake.
The problem is with what gets out attention once we're awoken.

In one sense it's true that most people simply do not want the truth. However, it's probably better stated that they don't want the truth because of the way it's usually presented or packaged.

This is why propaganda is so important to governments, corporations, advocacy groups, activist groups, churches and so on.
Basically, propaganda is just another word for salesmanship.

So when you find yourself engaging in a political or philosophical discussion/debate with someone, it pays to remember that you are (inevitably) competing for their attention with other salesmen.

Facts are critical, as they reveal truth.
Presenting them, though, is as delicate a task as preparing a nice meal.
The right ingredients in the wrong dish will ruin the whole thing.

And we've probably all seen the expensively set, but poorly prepared, 'European cuisine' dish lose out to a big bowl of potato salad at a number of casual social get-together's.

In other words (and back to the point),

Facts are nothing in the face of a good argument.