Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Issue...

Many conservatives and Christians are "concerned" right now over the gay marriage issue.

Which is ironic. And hypocritical.

At WorldNetDaily mystery meat editor David Kupelian wonders 'why conservatives are abandoning the gay issue'.

A long article later, he has no real answer.

I do.

Kupelian writes,

Can you imagine what would have happened had a judge ruled in 1810 instead of 2010 – two centuries ago – that it's perfectly fine for men to marry men? The probable outcome would have been: A) He would have been impeached – before lunch – and that's if he were lucky. B) If he were not lucky, he would have been challenged to a duel, or C) he would have been so fearful of the outraged population that he would have slipped out of town on an early stagecoach, never to be heard from again.

Well Dave, can you imagine what would have happened had a judge in 1810 ruled that blacks and Whites could marry one another?

Or turn it around.

What would the reaction of the Christian right be in 2010 if a judge ruled that interracial marriage was illegal?

People like Kupelian would quickly denounce it.

And yet, up until the 1960's every generation of Christians in America held interracial marriage to be obscene and against God's design. They passed laws in their states to make it illegal. Then the courts stepped in and overruled the will of the people.

Even beyond, up until (circa) 1990 the majority of Christians still held that interracial marriage was unnatural and were generally unwilling to marry such "couples".

But, with the weight of the State (courts, schools, politicians) and the Media, people's natural sense of right & wrong was beat down and worn down until finally, today, 90% of Christians make no objections to it.

And that is the answer to Kupelian's question of why conservatives are abandoning the gay issue. They know the left has a trump card they pull out at will. They can remind conservative Christians that conservative Christians once opposed interracial marriage.....and did so on scriptural ground and an appeal to God's natural design.

There's nothing the Christian can say against that point.

If they claim their objection is based on scripture, the left will point out that so was opposition to interracial marriage.

And 40 years from now their Christian grandchildren will declare with absolute conviction that there never was a biblical justification for anti-homosexual attitudes. That it was just a reflection of the bias of the era and that their grandparents views were "products of the time".

Compromising on conviction ALWAYS leads to hypocrisy.

And the hypocrite is quickly brushed off and ignored.