Monday, August 30, 2010

When Projection Doesn't Meet Expectation...

The article, titled "The weirdest people in the world?", appears in the current issue of the journal Brain and Behavioral Sciences. Dr. Henrich and co-authors Steven Heine and Ara Norenzayan argue that life-long members of societies that are Western, educated, industrialized, rich, democratic — people who are WEIRD — see the world in ways that are alien from the rest of the human family. The UBC trio have come to the controversial conclusion that, say, the Machiguenga are not psychological outliers among humanity. We are.

"If you're a Westerner, your intuitions about human psychology are probably wrong or at least there's good reason to believe they're wrong," Dr. Henrich says.


After analyzing reams of data from earlier studies, the UBC team found that WEIRD people reacted differently from others in experiment after experiment involving measures of fairness, anti-social punishment and co-operation, as well as visual illusions and questions of individualism and conformity.

Privileged Westerners, uniquely, define themselves by their personal characteristics as opposed to their roles in society.

The article theorizes that this development occurred as a result of the Industrial Revolution.
Most likely, that merely magnified the condition.

What it boils down to is what has been written here many times. Namely, that White people have the bad habit of projecting their own morals, personality, temperaments and notions of government, law & order and so on, onto non-Whites.

Thus (for example) with this mindset, invasions of other nations are justified, as we are bringing our "glorious ways" of government and society to the rest of the world.
Or the reverse of that, allowing millions of non-Whites to pour into our lands in the belief that they can't wait to turn into us and share our views on law, social order, customs, virtues and so on.

Another example is the "racism" scare. ONLY White people feel obliged to question the existence of race and fret over "racism".
For the rest of the world (90%) race is a given, and accepted as real and significant.

Thus the Tea Party people continue to be confused as to why they are called racists for their notions of government and culture.

The TRUTH is that non-Whites see and experience the world in a completely different way than Whites. And until Whites again come to grips with that (it was commonly accepted up until the 1960's) they will be in for a very dark and dangerous time.