Friday, September 3, 2010

The Formula...

The following are excperts from an article by a Ms. Guerreo,


With emerging signs of economic recovery across the country, a slow but steady stream of Las Vegans is moving away in search of better luck, in stark contrast to the unprecedented influx of residents during the region’s boom years.


Mayflower Transit and United Van Lines moving companies have reported decreases in incoming and outgoing traffic for Clark County since 2007, but the number of people moving to the valley has plummeted more than the number leaving.


Among those leaving is a 30-year-old plumber and mechanic who swayed his 2-year-old daughter in his arms,


David Stevens, a 35-year-old Henderson resident, rented a 26-foot U-Haul truck this week to take his father’s furniture to California. He said his parent had gone to San Francisco because of medical issues but planned to return to Las Vegas to be with his grandchildren. Then his Las Vegas property lost half its value.

“He was going to move back out here, but the economy tanked and the house market crashed,” Stevens said.


Granted my own grammar is far from perfect, but it's still surprising to see increasing examples of odd and sloppy editorial choices. I mean, "economic recovery"?

Which brings me to the article,

the reason people are fleeing Vegas is because it became a top destination of illegal immigrants over the past ten years. It became "hispanicized". Crime and violence escalated, so White people are leaving.

And what is always telling about White Flight is that Whites inevitably head for places with fewer economic prospects just to escape "diversity".

The new places they migrate into become peaceful and prosperous, which, in turn, draws in more undesirable elements and so the cycle goes on.

The formula is very simple.....less White people = increased poverty and crime.