Wednesday, September 22, 2010


A British private schoolgirl has caused a storm after being named America's Perfect Teen.

Anysha Panesar, 16, beat a host of American beauties to win the contest while on holiday in Florida.

But the families of other contestants are furious at the snub to the U.S. girls - because Anysha is from a tiny village in Wales.

But Anysha has hit back - arguing the outcry is just sour grapes.

'Some people did say I shouldn't have won because I'm British,' she said.


Oh yeah, now there is a common British name. Anysha Panesar. Right up there with Mary Smith, Linda Johnson, Susan Hamilton and so on.

And as you might imagine, she looks "British" what with the coal black eyes, swarthy skin and black hair. (see the link)
The ironic thing here is that she no doubt won because of her brown skin. Had she been an actual British girl (having White skin) she would have lost.

As for the Americans who protested her win on the grounds that she isn't American, well, so what? What is an American anyway?
It's certainly not a nation, for a nation is a biological construct, or an extended family (aka an ethnic group).
So what makes an American an American?

The government, of course.

Citizenship is an arbitrary, generic designation having no intrinsic value, benefit or worth.

A nation, a true nation, is blood. No legal framework can ever substitute for that.

So today, the government alone has the power to determine what constitutes a nation and who is and who is not a citizen. The government is now a god.

But then that was the case from America's inception. America's very foundation was based on the rejection of history, family, tradition and blood.

And in that there is a certain irony in that those who oppose amnesty are, in essence, acknowledging this reality.