Thursday, September 9, 2010

Reality Strikes Back...

Can one man bring an Ideological and Physical Empire to its knees?


The entire premise of liberalism is a lie, built upon overlapping hypocrisies. Put bluntly, liberalism (and it's offshoots like libertarianism) is a declaration of war against reality.

Everything that is real and true is an adversary of liberal dogma.

In the real, true, world, there is no equality and never can be, because there are intrinsic differences in peoples.

Men and women are not equal.
The races are not equal.
Cultures (which are race-specific) are not equal.
Religions are not equal.
And so on...

IQ, temperament, personality, propensities, etc... are all genetic and passed on from one generation to the next.

Culture is not something that can be adopted. Culture is the reflection of a people's genetics; their collective soul. Culture and religion are attributes of race.

All of this is real and true and, most importantly, obvious.

Notions of racial "diversity" and multiculturalism are thus based on the denial of truth and reality. More than that, they are direct assaults on truth and reality.

That is tragic enough, but even more tragic is the fact that Reality always strikes back hardest against those who war against it.

Today we can see the empire of liberalism in a panic because the veil of their delusion is under threat of exposure. A pastor at a small church in Florida is planning to burn the holy book of a foreign people.

These same leftists (whether on the left or faux-right) have proclaimed to the masses that Islam is the "religion of peace", no different than Christianity and that there is no reason whatsoever that muslims should not be allowed to pour into The West.

Yet now they are literally pissing their pants in fear that an unknown preacher in Florida will expose the lie of their entire worldview, and thus the foundation of their ideological empire.

This lie of "equality" and the notion of "the universal" is the publicly espoused doctrine upon which the American Empire justifies everything from its occupations of foreign lands to its policy of flooding America with non-Whites.

The proponents of this Neo-Marxist dogma love to talk about America's freedom (particularly, of speech), draconian enforcement of tolerance and the increasing, government mandated, "diversity".

And yet this week there have been news stories about American embassies worldwide preparing for the aftermath of the Koran burning in Florida. Political, social, law enforcement and even military leaders have spoken out of their fears of this event and what might follow.

All because of the single, LEGAL, act of a lone man.

This one lone pastor in the south is, somewhat, like Luke Skywalker flying alone towards the heart of the Death Star. One small, insignificant, man who can if he chooses, with the proverbial "single shot" being a world straddling empire to it's knees.

The more fraudulent and hollow a thing is, the easier it is to topple.