Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thunderdome Or The Other...

Orlando police released a series of 911 calls Tuesday that chronicled the events before and after a weekend confrontation with police that left an octogenarian with a broken neck.

"An 86-year-old man is arguing about getting his car towed," one 911 caller said. "He touched the police officer and the young officer flips him through the air on his face."

The caller described the officer's actions as "over the top."

"I want to meet with the mayor after watching that," he said. "It was incredible; totally excessive."

Daniel Daley Jr., whose actual age is 84, remains in critical condition.... after having surgery to repair the vertebra damage caused by his Saturday night confrontation with 26-year-old Officer Travis Lamont.


A lot of people are upset about this story (and others like it). In fact there is a general dislike of the police's increasing militaristic approach to law enforcement.

Well, sorry, but that's just one of the many prices you pay for "diversity".

As America becomes more crowded and more balkanized it will become more militaristic and oppressive to deal with rapidly increasing violence, spread of diseases, gangs and other such characteristics of third-world nations.

Over the coming decade or so a draconian police state will be required to maintain a semblance of civilization to allow for some functioning of society.

Don't complain about it America. This is what you've wanted via your active politics or your apathy.

There has never been a peaceful and prosperous multicultural empire. NEVER! Never will.

The most peaceful, prosperous and safe societies are always the ones that are the most homogeneous.

So now you face two potential outcomes in the future: Police State or Thunderdome.