Friday, October 29, 2010


We often (very often!) here the jingoism “take America back” by all and sundry on both sides of the political/social divide. Particularly on the conservative side we see the notion put forward that America is somehow far adrift from her foundational roots, as laid down by the “founding fathers”.

But is this really the case? Is modern Americanism fundamentally different from 18th century revolutionary Americanism?

In addressing that, we must first consider what America is and what America is not.

What America is not, is a nation. For a nation is, in its truest definition, an ethnic group.

And an ethnic group is A People, a tribe.

Or, better still, an ethnic group is an extended biological family.

A Nation need not have government, leaders or even a land of their own to be a nation. It is blood that makes a nation, not forms of government. Thus there is no American nation.

What America is, is a proto-Marxist ideology. Nothing more. And in that, Americanism naturally shares more than a little in common with conventional Marxism. This is why America and the former Soviet Union look so much alike. Both were artificially fabricated political constructs, rather than being natural, organic, living societies.

So what the “founding fathers” instituted was the notion that nations are man-made rather than natural (or God-made, if you prefer) outgrowths of the family. And that is a critical point, considering trends today. For if the family is the bedrock of a nation, then how we define a nation will effect how we think of the family.

If a nation is merely an agreed upon social arrangement, voluntarily entered into and agreed upon by individuals (as in a creed), then so is the family. We should then not be surprised at the existence of the Franken-family, wherein are found every conceivable arrangement (from two “mommies” raising donated sperm to single parents and their revolving-door one night stands) redefined into constituting a legitimate family.

Indeed, the “founding fathers” action in creating America was akin to a vacationing wife who writes back to her husband to inform him she is leaving him and taking the kids. In point of fact The Declaration of Independence was a divorce paper, wherein George and Tom and Benjamin and the rest announced their intention of severing their ties with their kith and kin. Their actions in creating America was not only the breaking up of a home, it was a direct assault upon the sacred nature of the family in and of itself.

America is a commercial empire founded by merchant-pirates. That's a hard reality for many deluded people to except, but it is the truth.

So in answer to the question, no, the "founding fathers" would not be suprised or upset at America's present state.



It should be telling though, that as America ascended to world supremacy post-WWII, the world has become increasingly liberal and leftist in outlook and ideology.

Europe is the best example of that. Western Europe has been under the American dominion for 60+ years, and in that time Europe has rapidly slid into the gutter culturally, socially and spiritually.

Americanism is a religion.

In ancient times that religion was euphemistically called Babylon.