Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Knowledge Is Terror?...

Julian Assange is not a “whistleblower;” Julian Assange is an irresponsible, traitorous twit, and his life’s work is to put people in danger for the sole purpose of damaging the mission and credibility of the US military.

That's from

Wow! So an Australian is "traitorous" to the American military industrial complex's foggy -undefined- "mission" in the third-world?

As was put on another blog (where exactly, it escapes me now), "if wikileaks actions in publishing information is terroristic then so is the Encyclopedia Britannica." -rough quote

What's really pathetic though is that many of those now attacking the leaks have stated in the past (in regards to intrusive policing tactics) that if you've done nothing wrong then you have nothing to hide.

Just juxtapose all this with the intrusive (radiate you to see through to your insides) police-state thuggery occurring at airports (and soon to be all public transportation) across the land.