Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The OFFICIAL Rubicon Moment...

The reaction against Julian Assange and the wikileaks "scandal" is THE Rubicon moment of modern history. By declaring a foreigner a traitor to America, Americans have wholeheartedly announced their devotion to a global American empire.
And this after their government has literally plundered and destroyed the economy, sent thousands off to die in POINTLESS wars, flooded the streets with violent third world hordes and on a daily basis becomes more intrusive into people's personal lives.

The following was written almost two years ago, but it explains the moment as well as anything else...

American Exceptionalism. If you are unfamiliar with the phrase you’ll at least recognize it’s definition. Essentially, it is the general belief amongst the declining demographic known as White American Patriots that everybody on planet Earth not only wants to be a White American Patriot, but can and should become White American Patriots.

This is the self delusional philosophy that the average (non-elite) White American conservative clings to in order to justify Imperial America’s foreign military adventurism. And, more importantly, to convince themselves that the massive non-White migration currently flooding America will end with Jamal, Ping, Pedro and Abdullah all speaking colloquial American English, loving John Wayne films, adoring Country music, voting Republican every four years and (magically) never making up more than 5% of small town America’s population.

As you might expect, they are completely insane. Of all the hypocrisies in the world, theirs is uniquely obtuse in that they believe that everyone, everywhere, should voluntarily conform to an obligatory creed of self-reliant independence and rugged individuality. They believe that only fools or terrorists wouldn’t aspire to be exactly like them.

Their most profound conviction is that people with convictions are obstacles to the state funded and government regulated consumerist lifestyle that props up the self-worshiping ideology of Individualism which they believe is inherent to all living beings.

American Exceptionalism is, in many ways, the overtly capitalistic ideological-cousin of Marxism. Many people forget (or didn’t know to begin with) that the Communists set up shop in Moscow to construct, not a regional empire, but rather, a global empire. They intended to bring the glorious revolution to the whole world through subtle propaganda as well as not so subtle militaristic conquests of other nations. After all, they surmised, every people naturally wants what we have to give them; progress,
equality, economic stability and a say in how things are to be done.

Marxists envisioned themselves as liberators who would be greeted with flowers and cheers as everywhere they looked they saw peoples in need of liberation from despots and thugs. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

The truly unique aspect of American Exceptionalism is that it accomplished what old style Marxism never could; true belief and enthusiasm from the masses (aka White people). After all, in what other post-modern ideological system would you expect to find those willing to wage expensive and deadly wars abroad against nations which (historically) have neither the intent or ability to attack them at home?

Of course attacks have happened, just not by nations. And their (the attackers) motivations for the attacks on America was American Exceptionalism showing up in their backyards with banners and bombs. And of course their attacks on American soil were only feasible because American Exceptionalism allows them (nay, insists they come) into the country to begin with. And so a self-cannibalizing cycle continues, gnawing ever closer to the bone.

With cheap labor being good for business and a vanishing middle-class good for elites, corporations, ethnic groups and their mouthpieces in the media have developed and encouraged the notion of American Exceptionalism for middle-class Whites as an ideology or creed which can be adopted by non-Whites as opposed to a biologically based nation-state that is founded upon blood. In particular, European blood.

Concepts such as the “Melting Pot” and “Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses”, have been absorbed into the cultural matrix to such an extent that to mock or question them is to be a heretic. Add a little hubris in the form of “ra-ra-ra U-S-A!!!!!” to the mix and you’ve got the ingredients for civilizational poison.

In fact its gotten to the point that America is no longer a nation but a religion. Being an “American” is now a human right.

Four things (among others) have allowed this faulty thinking to gain ground in the minds of Americans.

1. The unprecedented (multi generational) high standard of living in the US which, in the hands of a “forward thinking”, “live for the moment” people (read, unreflective and historically ignorant) who assume their lifestyle is the historical and future norm, has allowed the idea of civilization-as-a-business cycle to flourish.

2. The belief that this hyper-financially-minded lifestyle is sustainable and wonderfully contagious, and that its compulsory implementation will do away with all distinctions save between those who have flat screen TVs and those who tragically and foolishly do not.

3. See Kevin MacDonald’s book Culture of Critique - undermining the traditional biologically based Western character of America allows for the embrace of a generic, -product-everybody-must-have-, America)

4. America’s size. Stretching out across a continent “Americans” could (traditionally) travel thousands of miles to far away locations and find people who spoke, thought, acted, worshiped, worked and played “American” just like themselves. And if the foreigner living waaaaay out there in Kansas or Texas or Oregon or Michigan or Florida or Virginia was just like them and waved Old Glory too, then naturally the foreigners in Mexico, Europe, the Middle-East and Asia should and could be liberated to Americanism as well. Again, only a fool or terrorist would resist being “American”.

And in the face of unprecedented human migration into every state in the union, it is, in the minds of modern White American Patriots, readily adopted and codified as the cure all solution to America’s rapid third-worldification.

How many White American Patriots are walking through the ghetto their once nice neighborhoods have become, still seeing Mayberry RFD everywhere they look? Sadly, far too many. But if you’re not going to swim against a tide you know is treacherous then you have to contrive an argument/self-delusion to convince yourself the tide was going in your direction to begin with.

In other words, American Exceptionalism is the pseudo-intellectual placebo that White Americans continue to take (or rather, accept) to rid themselves of that gnawing feeling that there may be both short and long term consequences to having junked their own people’s long-fought-for civilization by rejecting their natural tribal tendencies. Racially agnostic Whites (those who generally prefer not to actively believe in the existence of race) are often flabbergasted to find that non-Whites refuse to share in their preferred disbelief. American Exceptionalists face the same a similar rejection. Having vested a lot of emotional energy into projecting their own personalities, temperament and morality onto everyone else in the world they find themselves confused and often “betrayed” by people who, ironically, never considered them comrades to begin with.

This is the obvious outcome of re-basing national identity on a broad based ideology rather than narrowly defined biology (race). In the “America is an Idea” camp there will never be a consensus on what America is, let alone what, if anything, makes it exceptional.

For some people what makes America great is its seeming willingness to commit passive genocide against the people through (and for) whom it came into being in the first place. For others, junking the Constitution and denouncing American history as the epitome of evil is what makes America exceptional.

For White American Patriots, what makes America great is themselves. They just can’t bring themselves to acknowledge this even though their list of “things that make America great” reflects ideas, morals, politics, ethics, cultural practices, etc that only they espouse and enjoy. For them, success in Iraq will be measured by whether or not ten years from now Iraqis are wearing flannel shirts and baseball caps and revelling in tailgate parties.

Ultimately American Exceptionalism suffers the same Achilles Heel as Christianity and other “universal” belief systems wherein assumption meets projection. In attempting to construct and implement a creed-based group identity in a cosmopolitan era or area, it finds itself defined out of existence through the impracticality of its own universal applications which are, out of necessity, ever expanding. When everybody is Roman, no one is Roman.

America is not the greatest country on earth. Never was. There is no such thing as the “greatest country on earth”. There are only countries, kingdoms, etc whose laws, customs, traditions and culture most accurately reflect the values, traditions, customs and culture of the people who inhabit them. In other words, a (natural) biologically-based nation.

Because what is “great” for one people, is not going to be what is “great” for another.