Thursday, December 30, 2010

Re-Up (Yeah, It's About Race...)

With former Obama green jobs czar Van Jones gone, along with his views about whites directing poisons to minorities, focus is now shifting to race-based views of "diversity czar" Mark Lloyd, who has
suggested "white people" step down from positions of power to allow "more people of color, gays" and "other people" to take those positions.


Note he included gays. That's because the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle and the goals of the "civil rights" movement are part of the same leftist beast.

At the outset the radical left has had one exclusive target, and it ain't Christianity.
From day one they have marked the White race as their primary adversary. From the invention of the word "racist" (coined by none other than Trotsky himself) to demonize the right-to-life that the White race has, to degrading and distorting Western history, the radical left has waged open and unceasing warfare on Western Man.

And Western Man has acquiesced to every aggression.

In 1965 it was unheard of for a mainstream church to marry people of different races. Today they not only marry people of different races, but homosexuals and lesbians as well. The two events are interconnected. Had interracial marriage not begun to be accepted by the churches in the 70's and 80's then there would be no open homosexual marriage today, let alone advocacy for it or an attempt to make it socially acceptable. And the pro-gay activists confirm this with pointing out to opponents of gay marriage that not to long ago interracial marriage was socially unacceptable too, and that the same arguments were employed to oppose it.

The left won the propaganda war.
This is evidenced by today's "traditional, conservative, bible believing, Christians" whose beliefs are hardly discernible from radical Marxism. They have become atomized consumers, unconnected to any aspect of their past (and that includes their Christian beliefs which are almost completely unrecognizable to the Christianity of just 100 years ago).

They've been so thoroughly brainwashed that it never once enters their heads that without discrimination and intolerance, there would not be such concepts as Beauty, Truth or Good.
That is why, as the rejection of discrimination and intolerance have become accepted by society, society has lost the ability (and willingness) to recognize Beauty, Truth and Right from Wrong.

The society that denies the existence of race today, will deny the existence of gender tomorrow (and that has already happened).

For ages, adultery, homosexuality and interracial marriage were deemed to be sins (morally repugnant to society). And for those sins to remain sins, society required discrimination and intolerance of them.

Today, even the most conservative Christian is loathe to openly call those things sins. They'd rather talk about the new sins, "racism", "prejudice", "antisemitism" and the like. And for those sins to remain sins, society requires a rejection of discrimination and intolerance, which is to say, society rejects judgment and discernment.
Thus it is no wonder that our society today is filled to the brim with people completely lacking in the ability or willingness to discern beauty from ugliness, truth from lies, right from wrong etc....

The now tolerant and racially ambiguous America is increasingly violent, corrupt and crumbling. It's people are balkanized politically and morally and are increasingly doped up on a combination of pharmaceutical drugs (anti-depressants) and mind-numbing entertainment.

Yet the more depraved and desperate society becomes, the more the neo-Christians (aka Evangelicals) continue to announce and denounce their own invented sins of intolerance and discrimination.
And God help any people for whom the neo-Christian comes to evangelize. For it's no coincidence that the areas in Africa, Asia and Latin America that have seen growth in neo-Christianity in the last 30 years, have seen skyrocketing rates of crime, STD's, abortions, murder and corruption along with in increasingly tolerant society no longer inclined to discriminate against things such as homosexuality.
Indeed, Evangelical Christianity has become the kiss of death for any society who embraces it. It's emergence in an area is a harbinger of a broad and sweeping turn to the radical left in that society. In fact it could be seen as a general rule that dispensational (Evangelical) Christianity is a prerequisite to a society accepting interracial marriage, abortion, homosexuality and generally looser sexual morals and standards.

But the neo-Christian will never hear this or accept it. They'll never acknowledge that their version of Christianity isn't as old as the automobile. Or that their reversal of sins (such as "racism" now being declared a sin) over the past century actually mirrors biblical prophecy which states that there would come a time when people would declare to be good that which was once called evil, and call evil that which was once declared to be good.

They are caught in the ideological vacuum of the destructive wave they helped to unleash.

The "culture war" is about race, as race is not a social construct, but rather, societies are racial constructs.
And even as millions of Whites continue to deny that fact, their adversaries on the left not only admit it, they shout it from the rooftops and through the megaphones.

note: the above post first appeared here in September 2009