Friday, January 28, 2011


Armed conflict in Arizona between sheriff's deputies and heavily equipped drug cartel squads is inevitable, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said Tuesday during a speech in Ahwatukee Foothills.


"The federal government has literally become an enemy who is fighting us, and I have not been afraid to fight them," he said.

Babeu ripped into Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano's contention that the border is as safe and secure as it has ever been. Last year in the eastern portion of Arizona's two sectors, which includes Phoenix and Tucson, the U.S. Border Patrol reported apprehending 241,000 illegal immigrants. However, the agency estimates there were an additional 400,000 illegal border crossers in this sector that were not caught, he said.

"Close to 20 percent already have criminal records established in America," Babeu said.

A significant percentage of illegal immigrants caught in Pinal County are from countries other than Mexico, he said, including "countries of interest" such as Yemen, Somalia and Syria.

"Nations whose governments have sponsored terrorists or are anti-American," Babeu said.





The American government secretly backed leading figures behind the Egyptian uprising who have been planning “regime change” for the past three years, The Daily Telegraph has learned.


Social engineers. Engineering your future. A literal hell on earth.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Home Of The Free...

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free" -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Re-Up (The Geography Of Math)...

Crime Rates

• Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.

• When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.

• Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate, and Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate.

• The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic.

Interracial Crime

• Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent.

• Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black.

• Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.

• Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially-designated hate crimes against whites than vice versa.


• Only 10 percent of youth gang members are white.

• Hispanics are 19 times more likely than whites to be members of youth gangs. Blacks are 15 times more likely, and Asians are nine times more likely.


• Between 1980 and 2003 the US incarceration rate more than tripled, from 139 to 482 per 100,000, and the number of prisoners increased from 320,000 to 1.39 million.

• Blacks are seven times more likely to be in prison than whites. Hispanics are three times more likely.

-source: The New Century Foundation report, 'The Color of Crime'

To see the real truth of the matter, let us take a look at the Department of Justice document Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2005. (Go to the linked document, and under "Victims and Offenders" download the pdf file for 2005.)

The table does not gives statistics for Hispanic victims and offenders. But the bottom line on interracial white/black and black/white rape is clear:

In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man.

What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man.


The Fairfax County School Board voted unanimously last night to postpone a decision on whether to accept a school system report that showed racial and ethnic gaps in certain measures of achievement in character education.

Several board members said beforehand that they had too many questions about the report. Among the issues they raised: whether assessments of student behavior and moral character are biased and whether sifting such data by race, ethnicity and other factors will help or hinder the school system’s efforts to promote effective character education.

Initial attempts to measure progress yielded results that many school officials found surprising. The report, presented March 27, detailed a disparity in a category of achievement for demonstration of moral character and ethical judgment: 82 percent of African American third-grade students, 83 percent of special education students and 86 percent of Hispanic students received “good” or “outstanding” marks on certain related indicators on their elementary school report card compared with 95 percent of Asian American and white students.

It may help to restate again the average IQ's by race.
East-Asians 104
Whites 100
Hispanics 89
African-American 85

2+2 still equals 4, yet some people have a hard time of knowing when to add because that requires the use of Judgment and judgment makes some people uncomfortable.
If you are one of those people, then read the above statistics again...

Navigating through life is no different than navigating a long journey across country. When you reach a fork in the road you must judge which is the right path to take, and that requires a general knowledge of geography.
And, I might add, it always pays to know your surroundings to the best extent possible; to know which berries are poisonous, which streams are likely to be polluted and which animals to avoid contact with.
Day-to-day life is no different and you must use the accumulation of facts and knowledge in the application of judgment at every turn.
Example: Black guys + lone alley = trouble.
("If I'm walking down a dark street late at night and I see that the person behind me is white, I subconsciously feel relieved". - Jesse Jackson)

You see, the true measure of judgment comes in it's application, not its assessment.
Because most people (and situations) are easy to judge, but it's the degree to which you apply judgment in any given circumstance that may mean the difference between life and death.
But without the fundamental understanding of life's math to begin with, you are just a fool stumbling blindly in the dark. And there are many foul things waiting in the dark.

Those who refuse to study the maps of the geography of life and make judgments accordingly in their journey, will find robbers and bandits and thieves and murderers waiting in the shadows at every bend in the road.

So know your math in the equations of the journeys of life (so that your judgment at each fork in the road will be sound), and then chart your journey accordingly.


A Way Of Life In Ruins...

Via American Renaissance

Frosty Wooldridge, Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville), January 17, 2011


For 15 years, from the mid 1970’s to 1990, I worked in Detroit, Michigan. I watched it descend into the abyss of crime, debauchery, gun play, drugs, school t truancy, car-jacking, gangs, and human depravity. I watched entire city blocks burned out. I watched graffiti explode on buildings, cars, trucks, buses, and school yards. Trash everywhere!

Detroiters walked through it, tossed more into it, and ignored it. Tens of thousands, and then hundreds of thousands today exist on federal welfare, free housing, and food stamps!

With Aid to Dependent Children, minority women birthed eight to 10, and in one case, one woman birthed 24 children as reported by the Detroit Free Press, all on American taxpayer dollars.

A new child meant a new car payment, new TV, and whatever mom wanted. I saw Lyndon Baines Johnson’s ‘Great Society’ flourish in Detroit. If you give money for doing nothing, you will get more hands out taking money for doing nothing.

Mayor Coleman Young, perhaps the most corrupt mayor in America, outside of Richard Daley in Chicago, rode Detroit down to its knees. .. . . He set the benchmark for cronyism, incompetence, and arrogance. As a black man, he said, “I am the MFIC.” The IC meant “in charge”.

You can figure out the rest. Detroit became a majority black city with 67 percent African-Americans.

As a United Van Lines truck driver for my summer job from teaching math and science, I loaded hundreds of American families into my van for a new life in another city or state.

Detroit plummeted from 1.8 million citizens to 912,000 today. At the same time, legal and illegal immigrants converged on the city, so much so, that Muslims number over 300,000. Mexicans number 400,000 throughout Michigan, but most work in Detroit. As the whites moved out, the Muslims moved in.

As the crimes became more violent, the whites fled. Finally, unlawful Mexicans moved in at a torrid pace. Detroit suffers so much shoplifting that grocery stores no longer operate in many inner city locations. You could cut the racial tension in the air with a knife!

Detroit may be one of our best examples of multiculturalism: pure dislike, and total separation from America.

Today, you hear Muslim calls to worship over the city like a new American Baghdad with hundreds of Islamic mosques in Michigan, paid for by Saudi Arabia oil money. High school flunk out rates reached 76 percent last June, according to NBC’s Brian Williams. Classrooms resemble more foreign countries than America. English? Few speak it! The city features a 50 percent illiteracy rate and growing.

Unemployment hit 28.9 percent in 2009 as the auto industry vacated the city. In Time Magazine’s October 4, 2009, “The Tragedy of Detroit: How a great city fell, and how it can rise again,” I choked on the writer’s description of what happened. “If Detroit had been ravaged by a hurricane, and submerged by a ravenous flood, we’d know a lot more about it,” said Daniel Okrent. “If drought and carelessness had spread brush fires across the city, we’d see it on the evening news every night.”

Earthquake, tornadoes, you name it, if natural disaster had devastated the city that was once the living proof of American prosperity, the rest of the country might take notice.

But Detroit, once our fourth largest city, now 11th, and slipping rapidly, has had no such luck. Its disaster has long been a slow unwinding that seemed to remove it from the rest of the country.

Even the death rattle that in the past year emanated from its signature industry brought more attention to the auto executives than to the people of the city, who had for so long been victimized by their dreadful decision making.”

As Coleman Young’s corruption brought the city to its knees, no amount of federal dollars could save the incredible payoffs, kick backs, and illegality permeating his administration. I witnessed the city’s death from the seat of my 18-wheeler tractor trailer because I moved people out of every sector of decaying Detroit.

“By any quantifiable standard, the city is on life support. Detroit’s treasury is $300 million short of the funds needed to provide the barest municipal services,” Okrent said. “The school system, which six years ago was compel led by the teachers’ union to reject a philanthropist’s offer of $200 million to build 15 small, independent charter high schools, is in receivership. The murder rate is soaring, and 7 out of 10 remain unsolved. Three years after Katrina devastated New Orleans, unemployment in that city hit a peak of 11%. In Detroit, the unemployment rate is 28.9%.

That’s worth spelling out: twenty-eight point nine percent.” At the end of Okrent’s report, and he will write a dozen more about Detroit, he said, “That’s because the story of Detroit is not simply one of a great city’s collapse, it’s also about the erosion of the industries that helped build the country we know today. The ultimate fate of Detroit will reveal much about the character of America in the 21st century. If what was once the most prosperous manufacturing city in the nation has been brought to its knees, what does that say about our recent past? And if it can’t find a way to get up, what does that say about our future?”

As you read in my book review of Chris Steiner’s book, “$20 Per Gallon”, the auto industry won’t come back. Immigration will keep pouring more and more uneducated third world immigrants from the Middle East into Detroit, thus creating a beachhead for Islamic hegemony in America. If 50 percent illiteracy continues, we will see more homegrown terrorists spawned out of the Muslim ghettos of Detroit. Illiteracy plus Islam equals walking human bombs.

You have already seen it in Madrid, Spain; London, England and Paris, France with train bombings, subway bombings and riots. As their numbers grow, so will their power to enact their barbaric Sharia Law that negates republican forms of government, first amendment rights, and subjugates women to the lowest rungs on the human ladder. We will see more honor killings by upset husbands, fathers, and brothers that demand subjugation by their daughters, sisters and wives. Muslims prefer beheadings of women to scare the hell out of any other members of their sect from straying. Multiculturalism: what a perfect method to kill our language, culture, country, and way of life.



You Know Instinctively...

Police on Staten Island are looking for a man and woman robbery team that viciously attacked an elderly couple as they were entering their home on Sunday night.

Joseph Naimo, 81, and his son, Rocco, were recovering Wednesday night from the beatings they received. Joseph’s wife, however, took the worst of the attack.

“They beat her up bad. They beat her up bad. They beat her up very bad,” Joseph said.


Linda Naimo, 74, is hospitalized with a broken nose, broken jaw and fractured skull, police told Police told 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa.

As for the two thugs who ran off, there were only vague descriptions. Joseph described the female assailant as “short and a little plump,” and that she wore a fur-trimmed hoody. The man was said to be around 6-feet tall.


That's from one source.

Dig a little more and you can confirm what you instantly suspected upon seeing the headline,

The male suspect is described as a black male, 6-foot tall and wearing a dark-colored hoody.

The female suspect is described as a black female, who was wearing a dark-colored hoody with fur around the hood.


It's an every day occurrence in what has been a decades long race war against Whites.


Friday, January 21, 2011


After all is said and done, I think about the only thing that can be said about the victims of the tragedy in Arizona, is what has been said of the hundreds of thousands of Whites who have been, and continue to be, the victims of non-White assault and violence every day of the week, and that is.......the victims in Arizona "were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time".

Just like this fellow.

Just google "wrong place at the wrong time" and you'll find a plethora of such examples. It's an easy way to brush off a crime and paint the victim or victims as having been doomed by the gods, so to speak.


This Just In From The Year 2000!!...

Monday, 20 March 2000

winter ends tomorrow with further indications of a striking environmental change: snow is starting to disappear from our lives.

Sledges, snowmen, snowballs and the excitement of waking to find that the stuff has settled outside are all a rapidly diminishing part of Britain's culture, as warmer winters - which scientists are attributing to global climate change - produce not only fewer white Christmases, but fewer white Januaries and Februaries.


Global warming, the heating of the atmosphere by increased amounts of industrial gases, is now accepted as a reality by the international community.
Michael Jeacock, a Cambridgeshire ocal historian, added that a generation was growing up "without experiencing one of the greatest joys and privileges of living in this part of the world - open-air skating".


Professor Jarich Oosten, an anthropologist at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, says that even if we no longer see snow, it will remain culturally important.

"We don't really have wolves in Europe any more, but they are still an important part of our culture and everyone knows what they look like," he said.

David Parker, at the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research in Berkshire, says ultimately, British children could have only virtual experience of snow. Via the internet, they might wonder at polar scenes - or eventually "feel" virtual cold.

The chances are certainly now stacked against the sortof heavy snowfall in cities that inspired Impressionist painters, such as Sisley, and the 19th century poet laureate Robert Bridges, who wrote in "London Snow" of it, "stealthily and perpetually settling and loosely lying".

Not any more, it seems.


Well, snow hasn't disappeared from the north. And the last two winters have been bitterly cold and snowy over Europe and North America, with odds on favor that the next several winters will bring more of the same.

Why do people continue to fall for the snake-oil of the modern equivalent of witchdoctors?

"The experts" are now tribal elders, it seems. Only they have a consistent track record of ruinous advice.

These same experts tell us, without any evidence or foundation what-so-ever, that the races and genders are equal. Societies have been forced, through government coercion and threat, to heed their decrees and as a result society is overrun with crime, poverty, disease, corruption and the like.

"The experts" have been telling us how to eat and live healthy for the past 50 or 60 years with the result that the majority of people are now, officially, un-healthy.

"The experts" have, for a generation, told us how to manage our families and raise our kids with the result of broken homes, 50+% divorce rates and children & parents on a variety of "anti-depressants and mood altering pharmaceutical drugs.

"The experts" told us the races were equal and 50 years (and a plethora of society-shaking, destructive social engineering) later that darn achievement gap still remains steadfastly in place, with the added result of whole cities overrun with crime and despair and the loss of the Freedom of Association.

"The Experts" have been warning us of "global warming" for the past 30 years (after they gave up global freezing) and their every prophesy has failed miserably.

Still, people continue to heed them and appeal to authority.

And this reality may be the final nail in the coffin of democracy.


History As An Enemy Of 'The People'...

For most of the past 2,400 years, Europeans have understood history much as the Greeks did: as an effort to understand what really happened. We have taken for granted their pioneering insight that history should not be myth or fairy tale but — to the greatest extent possible — the truth. Now, according to the Australian historian Keith Windschuttle, a powerful new movement is undermining the very foundations of the academic discipline of history. Known by such names as “postmodernism,” “deconstructionism,” or “universal history,” the new intellectual fashion holds that since the past is unknowable, history is no more real than fiction — that what used to pass for history was nothing more than the expression of the unconscious biases of historians.

According to Mr. Windschuttle, this way of thinking is now rampaging through virtually every history department in the English-speaking world, discrediting the traditional, fact-based view of history and the die-hards who still practice it. It is Mr. Windschuttle’s fear — reflected in the title of his book — that current thinking could completely transform and falsify the way we understand the past. The Killing of History is a description of what is happening in history departments and a stinging critique of the thinking that drives it.

Although Mr. Windschuttle only touches on this, the destruction of history is a central element in the destruction of the thinking, culture, and people of the West. First elaborated and disseminated by whites who hate their own intellectual traditions, this new “history” is a powerful weapon in the hands of anyone whose only interest is the exercise of power in the name of his own group.

-the rest here

This has been going on for some time now. It is the new pillar of anti-Western (which is to say, anti-White) aggression.

History towers over the present. And White Civilization towers over and above the crumbling, diseased chaos of multiculturtopia.

It is another reminder that what many choose to call a "culture war" is in fact a race war.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Frauds Of History...

King has been praised, even by conservatives, as the great advocate of color-blindness. They focus too narrowly on one sentence in his “I Have a Dream” speech, in which he said he wanted to live in a nation “where [my children] will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” The truth is that King wanted quotas for blacks. “[I]f a city has a 30 percent Negro population,” King reasoned, “then it is logical to assume that Negroes should have at least 30 percent of the jobs in any particular company, and jobs in all categories rather than only in menial areas.”

David Garrow found that in private King “made it clear to close friends that economically speaking he considered himself what he termed a Marxist.” Mr. Garrow passes along an account of a conversation C.L.R. James, a Marxist intellectual, had with King: “King leaned over to me saying, ‘I don’t say such things from the pulpit, James, but that is what I really believe.’ King wanted me to know that he understood and accepted, and in fact agreed with, the ideas that I was putting forward — ideas which were fundamentally Marxist-Leninist I saw him as a man whose ideas were as advanced as any of us on the Left, but who, as he actually said to me, could not say such things from the pulpit King was a man with clear ideas, but whose position as a churchman, etc. imposed on him the necessity of reserve.” J. Pius Barbour, a close friend of King’s at seminary, agreed that he “was economically a Marxist.”

-more here

And here.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Glimpse Of Things To Come...

Federal agents are embedding with homicide investigators in Prince George's County starting this week in a rare move as authorities scramble to react to a string of 13 killings that have occurred already in 2011.......The county's 13 killings exceed the nine U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan this year.

That's a killing a day.

The county is 65% black.

This is what a post White-majority society looks like...

Oxytocin Knows Not Diversity...

Human ethnocentrism—the tendency to view one's group as centrally important and superior to other groups—creates intergroup bias that fuels prejudice, xenophobia, and intergroup violence. Grounded in the idea that ethnocentrism also facilitates within-group trust, cooperation, and coordination, we conjecture that ethnocentrism may be modulated by brain oxytocin, a peptide shown to promote cooperation among in-group members. In double-blind, placebo-controlled designs, males self-administered oxytocin or placebo and privately performed computer-guided tasks to gauge different manifestations of ethnocentric in-group favoritism as well as out-group derogation. Experiments 1 and 2 used the Implicit Association Test to assess in-group favoritism and out-group derogation. Experiment 3 used the infrahumanization task to assess the extent to which humans ascribe secondary, uniquely human emotions to their in-group and to an out-group. Experiments 4 and 5 confronted participants with the option to save the life of a larger collective by sacrificing one individual, nominated as in-group or as out-group. Results show that oxytocin creates intergroup bias because oxytocin motivates in-group favoritism and, to a lesser extent, out-group derogation. These findings call into question the view of oxytocin as an indiscriminate “love drug” or “cuddle chemical” and suggest that oxytocin has a role in the emergence of intergroup conflict and violence.


This goes along with research which shows that the more diverse a neighborhood, area or society is, the more conflict and violence it has.

This study is a survey of people living in 41 different American communities that run from racially homogeneous rural South Dakota to San Francisco, which is one of the most racially mixed places on earth. The clearest finding was that the more diverse the area, the less people trusted each other. The graph on page three represents this by showing the 41 areas on a plot, with trust of other races on the vertical axis and an index of homogeneity on the horizontal axis.

(Prof. Putnam measured homogeneity with what is called a Herfindahl index, which is the likelihood that two randomly selected people in a given area—in this case a census tract—will be of the same race. A value of 1.00 means there is a 100 percent chance they will be the same, and a value of 0.50 means only a 50 percent chance.)

The study divided people into four groups—white, black, Hispanic, Asian—and asked whether they trusted the other groups. The percentage that said they trusted the other three groups “a lot” is on the vertical axis. Rural South Dakota and Lewiston, Maine, over to the right, were about as pure white as it was possible to be (this was in 2000, before Somalis converged on Lewiston because of its generous welfare—see “Lewiston Update,” AR, Aug. 2007) and had some of the highest levels of trust in “other races.” As diversity increases towards the left, trust in other races decreases.

The second graph, on page four, is a similar plot, except that the question was whether respondents trusted their neighbors “a lot.” Prof. Putnam recognizes that people usually have neighbors like themselves, so this question can be seen as an indication of trust not only in neighbors but in people like oneself. As the graph shows, people in virtually all areas are more likely to say they trust their neighbors “a lot” than to say they trust people of other races “a lot,” but again, the more diversity, the less trust.

The third graph, on page five, shows the results of asking whether people trust members of their own race “a lot.” Prof. Putnam points out that if diversity makes people distrust people of other races, it might be expected to increase their trust in people of their own race—and here is the surprise: Diversity reduces trust in everyone, even in people of one’s own race. This is what leads to Prof. Putnam’s widely quoted conclusion that diversity makes people behave like turtles—they pull into their shells. On the basis of other survey data, he lists other unhappy consequences for people who must live with diversity:

• Lower confidence in local government, local leaders and the local news media.

• Lower political efficacy—that is, confidence in their own influence.

• Lower frequency of registering to vote, but more interest and knowledge about politics and more participation in protest marches and social reform groups.

• Less expectation that others will cooperate to solve dilemmas of collective action (e.g., voluntary conservation to ease a water or energy shortage).

• Less likelihood of working on a community project.

• Fewer close friends and confidants.

• Less happiness and lower perceived quality of life.

• More time spent watching television and more agreement that “television is my most important form of entertainment.”



Thursday, January 13, 2011

Savages Cont...

That’s how an elderly woman described a heartless attack inside a subway station.

And it was at the hands of another woman.

The robbery was caught on camera. As CBS 2’s Wendy Gillette reports, the video shows how Madeline Klima was robbed from behind.


The 81-year-old said she was stunned by how much force the woman used. Klima fractured and dislocated her shoulder in the fall and her eye is heavily bruised. She also needed stitches.

Police said the suspect is dark skinned, in her 20s, about 5-foot-10 and nearly 200 pounds.



It's A Crime Again?...

Investigators who searched the Imperial Beach home of a U.S. Border Patrol agent said they found an undocumented man in a hidden room along with evidence of drug dealing.

According to the FBI, Marcos Gerardo Manzano Jr., 26, was arrested Monday at the Imperial Beach Border Patrol Station and stands accused of harboring illegal immigrants, including his father.

Around 6 a.m.Tuesday, a SWAT team raided Manzano's house in the 3600 block of Shooting Star Drive in San Ysidro and arrested suspected undocumented immigrant Jose Alfredo Garrido-Morena, also 26.


Yes, the first thought that crosses the mind is the "fox guarding the hen house" angle of this story. But.........

This guy was charged with "harboring illegal immigrants" in a country in which numerous elected and unelected officials (at state, county and city levels) are doing that very same thing in their designated districts and areas of authority by allowing illegals access to everything from drivers licences to college tuition.

"Sanctuary Cities" anyone?

I'm always a tad bit suspicious when stories like this one ("dear old dad") get national attention while the numerous stories of violent crimes committed by illegals is swept under the rug.


The Great Divide...


"The world will very soon be divided.... into those who still go on explaining our success, and those somewhat more intelligent who are trying to explain our failure."

"Modern broad-mindedness benefits the rich; and benefits nobody else."

-G.K. Chesterton


Monday, January 10, 2011

The Tabloid Narrative...

Remember all of those dead birds?

Yeah, me neither.

That was sooooo last 24 hours. Now its the shooting in Arizona.

It's bizarre seeing sites and writers who should no better get caught up in all of this tabloidesque-24hr-news--o-rama.

In a week it will off the radar and out of the public's media induced ADD infected present tense conscientiousness.

It's pointless to bother writing responses to every rumor or opinion column in the MSM. "It's all just dust in the wind, dude."
Even the MSM doesn't take their weekly topics seriously, no matter how dramatic or tragic the actual story is. It's just entertainment. Distraction. Almost every single week there is a "dramatic" new story to come along.

How many school shootings have there been?
How many can you name by school or location? One.

Remember the shooting at the army base last year? Where was that?

Remember the earthquake in Haiti? Katrina? The volcano in Iceland? Snowmageddon?

Keep the focus on the big picture, the grand narrative. Don't descend into the tabloid-mindset. It's pointless and a waste of time.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Knowledge Is The Enemy...

Affirmative action
Agenda instead of education, leads to...

EAST LANSING, Mich. — Most college students in the United States do not grasp the scientific basis of the carbon cycle – an essential skill in understanding the causes and consequences of climate change, according to research published in the January issue of BioScience.


The researchers assessed the fundamental science knowledge of more than 500 students at 13 U.S. colleges in courses ranging from introductory biology to advanced ecology.

Most students did not truly understand the processes that transform carbon. They failed to apply principles such as the conservation of matter, which holds that when something changes chemically or physically, the amount of matter at the end of the process needs to equal the amount at the beginning. (Matter doesn’t magically appear or disappear.)

Students trying to explain weight loss, for example, could not trace matter once it leaves the body; instead they used informal reasoning based on their personal experiences (such as the fat “melted away” or was “burned off”). In reality, the atoms in fat molecules leave the body (mostly through breathing) and enter the atmosphere as carbon dioxide and water.

Most students also incorrectly believe plants obtain their mass from the soil rather than primarily from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. “When you see a tree growing,” Anderson said, “it’s a lot easier to believe that tree is somehow coming out of the soil rather than the scientific reality that it’s coming out of the air.”


The reason these students are so poorly educated is best represented in the quote from the article,

“Improving students’ understanding of these biological principles could make them better prepared to deal with important environmental issues such as global climate change,” said Charles “Andy” Anderson, MSU professor of teacher education and co-investigator on the project.

When you are being trained to be a puppet of the state, don't expect to gain any actual knowledge.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Come On In. It's Getting Warmer All The Time...

The words “mother” and “father” will be removed from U.S. passport applications and replaced with gender neutral terminology, the State Department says.

The good news is that if you are offended by this sort of Soviet-like redefining of words and reality, you can skip the passport thing altogether and come to the US illegally.......which isn't called illegal anymore.

Welcome to hell, everybody!

Maybe the concern over "global warming" is some sort of conscience manifestation of the subconscious knowledge that the world really is going to hell in a hand-basket.


Real Fakeness...

Having recently watched the new 'Robin Hood' movie it occurred to me that the character, in film, reflects Western Man fairly well since the 1930's.

The three major films over the decades are,

(1938) 'The Adventures of Robin Hood', staring Errol Flynn

(1991) 'The Prince Of Thieves', staring Kevin Costner

and (2010) 'Robin Hood', staring Russell Crowe.

In the 38' version, Robin Hood is a twenty-something fellow full of the vitality and playfulness of youth, having a lot of fun while saving the world. His easy laugh reflecting his assured-ness in himself and the world around him

By 1991 he is a somewhat more weary looking thirty-something, paired with a black sidekick and returning from the crusades a bit jaded and well, bland. He has doubts about things.

By 2010 he is now a overweight, gruff, forty-something version of Maximus from 'Gladiator' worrying over political theories and impersonating, well, Robin Hood. By now, doubt is even projected into the falseness of his identity.

It's a telling transformation.

It's also a reaffirmation of my long held belief about audiences wanting "dark and gritty realness" in their make believe entertainment.

In the 1930's, life really was dark and gritty. The depression had crippled the economy and people were poor, dispirited and fighting to survive from one day to the next.
What kind of entertainment did they desire?

Lighthearted escapist fare like Flynn's Robin Hood.

Fast forward to 2010 when people are fat, bloated, flabby, pampered and spoiled and what do they want?

"Dark and gritty".

Thursday, January 6, 2011


A photograph simply entitled Criminal Investigation Report, Highland Park Police Station is one of the many startling images in an extraordinary book, The Ruins of Detroit, that Marchand and Meffre have made from their seven week-long visits to Detroit between 2005 and 2009. The book’s photographs suggest the countless strange and sad narratives from urban life in America in the mid-to-late 20th century. It is also a book of testimony, which not only illustrates the dramatic decline of a major American city, but of the American Dream itself. Many of the images seem post-apocalyptic, as if some sudden catastrophe has struck downtown Detroit, forcing everyone to abandon homes and workplaces and flee the city.


for more on the ruin that non-Whites bring, see photo-essay's here


A Mirror...

from SBPDL,

L’Enfant Plaza in Washington D.C. was home to a massive riot/brawl in the summer of 2010 that went largely unreported. Those in the melee represent a protected class of individuals that the media like to label “youth” (from The Post):
Post managers, from the top down, regularly remind the newsroom that coverage must have a "for and about Washington" focus. So when a large brawl broke out in the Metro system on a recent Friday night, it seemed a perfect chance to show local readers that The Post is their indispensable source for news.

The fracas occurred near midnight on Aug. 6, and authorities said it involved as many as 70 people. It started at the Gallery Place Station and continued to the L'Enfant Plaza Station. There were arrests, and several people landed in the hospital. On deadline, The Post gathered enough information for a news brief in Saturday's paper, and a short story was quickly posted online

Robert E. Pierre, the weekend editor for local news, said he saw no need. "It wasn't about additional people," he told me, noting that social media searches and an online appeal for witnesses had yielded little. And, he added, "the police didn't have very much," and what little information they disclosed was sketchy. The size of the crowd was in question, he said, and police couldn't say how many were actually brawling.

Pierre also worried about hyping a story that involved race. Although The Post's coverage on and after Sunday did not specify the racial makeup of those involved, many readers assumed they were black and offered racially insensitive online comments. "So ghetto," read one. Another urged ending "all welfare benefits for parents whose little animals cause this type of mayhem."

When The Post finally produced a more substantive story for Monday's paper, Pierre believes it was given too much prominence, even though it included eyewitness descriptions of multiple fights and bedlam as people tried to escape the pandemonium. The Post "overplayed it," said Pierre. "It was a fight on the Metro. Kids get into fights."

The Post should always be sensitive to overplaying stories, especially if race is involved.
In other words, we should all look away and shut our eyes from the reality of criminal behavior. The incidents in Milwaukee, Kansas City, St. Louis, Philadelphia and Atlanta are just examples of "youth" having fun. After all, “This is a Black world” as we learned from the incident in Akron in the summer of 2009. Remember Beat Whitey Night in Iowa? Imagine that event being stretched out 24/7/365.

Flash forward roughly six months from the wild brawl at L’Enfant and we are entitled to an incident just as shocking involving “youths” merely having fun:
On Sunday night, Allen Haywood was randomly and viciously attacked by two kids on the platform of the L’Enfant Plaza Metro station. Dozens of people witnessed it. Several people filmed it. Nobody helped.
-the rest and the video here

This is what happens when savages are free to rape and pillage in a society where Whites have been intimidated into accepting and embracing obvious Orwellian lies such as "equality".

Some commenter's have called the guy in the video a wimp. But is he any more of a coward than the millions of travelers who sheepishly allow airport security to stick a cattle prod up their ass for the privilege of traveling?

Is he wimpier than the general populace who cower in the face of the homosexualization of every institution in their lives?

Is he worse than the millions of Whites who have fled, and continue to flee, from their own ghettoized cities and neighborhoods?

Take a long look at that video. It's a mirror image of America for the past 40 years. And its going to get much, much worse.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Good Family Values, They Got Em'...Or So The GOP Keeps Insisting...

The embattled border city of Ciudad Juarez had its bloodiest year ever with 3,111 people killed in drug violence, an official said Saturday.


More than 30,000 people have been killed in drug violence nationwide since..... December 2006.

This is what is coming into your town and neighborhood. This is "diversity". And all for the sake of more votes for corrupt bureaucrats.


Savages II...

Mayfair Mall closed down early on Sunday afternoon as New Year's weekend shoppers were told to leave after witnesses reported seeing groups of unruly young people shouting and running in the Wauwatosa shopping center.


"They wanted to know where I was; it seemed like they had gotten a lot of calls throughout the mall," said Mercado, who saw a group of rowdy young people she estimated to number around 100. "It was happening throughout the entire mall. It was not isolated to one part of the mall."

Take a wild guess as to the race of the savages.

You guessed right.
It happened around 10:50 p.m. Thursday at Broadway Square Apartments, 8601 Broadway near Almeda Mall.

According to the Houston Police Department, an unknown black female knocked on the apartment door and then hid from view. A woman inside the apartment looked through the peephole and didn't see anyone outside, so she opened the door.

Houston police said the suspect, 33-year-old Miguel Antonio Valencia-Mejia of Houston, then busted into the apartment, grabbed the woman's hair, pointed a pistol at her head and started making demands, officials said.

The woman's boyfriend heard what was happening from the bedroom and came out with a rifle. Fearing for his girlfriend's life, police said he shot the suspect once in the chest.

By the time HPD arrived, Valencia-Mejia was dead at the doorstep of the apartment. No one else was injured.

The black woman who initially knocked on the door and another unknown black male fled the scene.

Civilization. It's a White Thing.


Saturday, January 1, 2011


A married couple, Federico Ferrari, 27, a Marine currently home on leave from Afghanistan, and his wife Kaylin, out for what they hoped would be a pleasant evening at the movies, was viciously attacked by a group of up to 60 black ‘youths’ for having the audacity to ask a small group of teen girls to please quiet down in the theater.

Predictably, the girls went nuts, hurling profanities, etc… back at the Ferarris.

Kaylin Ferrari then went and notified the theater’s management of the situation, whereupon the management removed the girls from the theater.

Shortly thereafter, the Ferarris, their evening now ruined, decided to leave. What they found upon exiting the theater was that the group of girls was laying in wait for them, now accompanied by a large group of their homies.

As my husband and I left, about 10 black girls surrounded us. All under age. They kept asking me to hit them and I said no. Then 6 black males hit my husband from behind and ran. None of them had the balls to go face to face with him, they just ran. Then Charlotte's husband said he had a firearm and to follow him, as the black cloud descended on us. Literally about 60 of them.

A black boy took off his shirt and started walking towards my husband and I had seen enough. I walked up to the boy and put my hands up and said “stop it, just stop” before I knew it he punched me in the face and knocked me unconscious and I was on the ground. Apparently (of course) he hit and run due to him being a coward. My husband ran after him and the crowd then come towards me. Charlottes husband pulled out the gun to get them away from me.



FRANKLIN—A Franklin man was jailed after allegedly using a club to beat a Southampton County couple outside Walmart after an apparent altercation inside the store, Franklin police said.

Khalid El-Amin Muhammad, 41, formerly known as Keith Nesbitt, is accused of attacking the unidentified husband and wife from behind as they left the Armory Drive store at 1:14 p.m. Monday, police said. Both were taken to Southampton Memorial Hospital with what police called serious injuries.