Monday, January 3, 2011

Savages II...

Mayfair Mall closed down early on Sunday afternoon as New Year's weekend shoppers were told to leave after witnesses reported seeing groups of unruly young people shouting and running in the Wauwatosa shopping center.


"They wanted to know where I was; it seemed like they had gotten a lot of calls throughout the mall," said Mercado, who saw a group of rowdy young people she estimated to number around 100. "It was happening throughout the entire mall. It was not isolated to one part of the mall."

Take a wild guess as to the race of the savages.

You guessed right.
It happened around 10:50 p.m. Thursday at Broadway Square Apartments, 8601 Broadway near Almeda Mall.

According to the Houston Police Department, an unknown black female knocked on the apartment door and then hid from view. A woman inside the apartment looked through the peephole and didn't see anyone outside, so she opened the door.

Houston police said the suspect, 33-year-old Miguel Antonio Valencia-Mejia of Houston, then busted into the apartment, grabbed the woman's hair, pointed a pistol at her head and started making demands, officials said.

The woman's boyfriend heard what was happening from the bedroom and came out with a rifle. Fearing for his girlfriend's life, police said he shot the suspect once in the chest.

By the time HPD arrived, Valencia-Mejia was dead at the doorstep of the apartment. No one else was injured.

The black woman who initially knocked on the door and another unknown black male fled the scene.

Civilization. It's a White Thing.