Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Beast At Work...

....the agenda of the United States government to promote diversity, that is the promotion of minority groups at the expense of the majority, along with extensive propagandizing of the latter, in... France. Deogolwulf's source is Wikileaks, and the cited words are all from the American Embassy in Paris, the "Minority Engagement Strategy". Here's a sample, see the link for the rest:
“[W]e will continue and intensify our work with French museums and educators to reform the history curriculum taught in French schools, so that it takes into account the role and perspectives of minorities in French history.” [2]

-more here

Nothing new.

After all the funding for the Communists to take over Russia back in the early 20th century came from America.

And Britain is now referred to by leftist zealots over there as 'a nation of immigrants'.

It goes without saying that the Allies butchered and destroyed Germany and the Germans. And America's corrupting influence has rotted out the Netherlands and Belgium as well.

It seems all nations must be made over in the image of America, the image of the beast.