Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In The Camp...

From Amren,

Thirty-eight years ago, Jean Raspail created a scandal by publishing “The Camp of the Saints,” a novel in which he imagined the flood of third world populations, driven by hunger and misery on the French coasts. A million boat people stepped on our land, in the vanguard of an inevitable invasion. The government procrastinated, then yielded. But a handful of patriots resisted, sword in hand . . . With the new legislation, the new edition of this book would likely be subject to prosecution. Jean Raspail takes the risk, and explains why.

Immediately after reading your novel in 1973, Jean Cau wondered: “What if Raspail, with” The Camp of the Saints “, was neither a prophet nor a visionary writer, but simply a relentless historian of our future?”

Jean Raspail — Good question, and we shudder to say yes. The book is inexplicable, written almost forty years ago, when the immigration problem did not exist. I do not know what I went through my head. The issue arose suddenly, “And if they could?” Because it was inevitable. The story came out in one gulp. When I finished the evening I did not know how I would continue the next day. The characters have emerged, invented as you go. Similarly for multiple plots. Henri Amouroux, passionate about history and demography, exclaimed after reading: “Oh, my God, I’ve never seen a prophet in my life, you’re first!” The book was simply in harmony with a fundamental question became acute today. Taboos are jumping, witness the passion that develops around Zemmour trial, the trial which is expected Feb. 18. It was blamed for one of those phrases that are pronounced rapidly during televised debates, the principle is the same thoughts short, not argued, the law of its kind. Attending the hearings I observed the many plaintiffs’ lawyers oppose the sole defender of Zemmour. A system of civil liberties — I do not like that word: it feels like the tirades of 1791 . . . — Continues through the courts those who only look at the truth. All medium and agitated on behalf of anti-racism, instrumentalizing a concept belongs only to consciousness. This environment has become more vigilant, radicalized. He wants nothing to yield. There will be obliged to trial Zemmour generating significant interest of changing attitudes. “Historian of our future,” Jean Cau wondered? God forbid for the events of the novel.

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