Sunday, March 20, 2011

The New War...

Technically, the attack on Libya is a UN operation.

But of course the UN, like NATO, is a US puppet, so...

What's the reason for all of this?

Israel? Oil? Long-term Strategic maneuvering against Russia and China?

I hate to use the overused word, but zeitgeist does come to mind.

When the "official" dogma is that there are no races, then, likewise, there are no nations either.

When "human rights" are "universal", then there are no borders.

When "all men are created equal", no distinction, good or bad, are allowed.

When people everywhere are endowed with similar rights to prosperity and happiness, then the very idea of a US-congress is archaic and prejudiced.

And on it goes.

And thus you get America, whose infrastructure is crumbling, economy collapsing and is unable to control its own borders, rushing off to engage in military action on every continent on planet earth.

The similarities to the declining days of the Roman Empire are to outstanding to ignore.

Greed and Hubris on the part of leaders.
And compassion based-arrogance on the part of its public cheerleaders. (it is a fine line between compassion/charity and arrogance, as one must be in a superior position towards a less fortunate to feel compassion and have the better means to offer charity).

Of course America also looks an awful lot like the Soviet Union of the 1970's.
And the Holy Roman Empire and ancient Babylon, etc....

Yeah. To use biblical imagery, America is The Beast.