Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So They All Lied...

So the "president" released his official birth certificate on the 27th of April 2011.


Yet for the past two years his representatives and pretty much every media figure have insisted that the official birth certificate had already been released.

So they admit now that they were lying all along.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Head Cheerleader Of Jonestown...

Well this certainly sums up the mindset of the brainwashed masses,

"If it came down to choosing between citizenship in a white ethnostate which identified itself as proudly “Jew-free” in its constitution and a nation that was suicidally multicultural, I would choose the latter."
-the "thinking" housewife

So this "thinking" housewife has, with righteous zeal, declared to the world that, given the choice, she would choose death over life for herself and her people, rather than see them thrive in their own societies!
And suicidal death at that!

That's an astounding position.

Unfortunately it is one held by a great many immersed in the multi-Cult.

She goes on to write of a White Nation,

Such a culture would quickly exhaust itself from its own rigidity and small-mindedness and prove economically unpromising.

Got that! She'd rather see her people committed to a suicide death-cult. Literally! Because she beleives what the TV has told her in that racially homogenous societies are bland, unexciting and given to "exhaustion".
Never mind that the complete and total opposite is both presently and historically (and thus demonstrably and obviously) true, but hey, allegiance to the cult doth cover a multitude of sins.

What motivates such hatred for Whites and exposes such blatant hypocrisy? Jews.

place in which tolerance was so abysmally deficient that a whole class of people such as the Jews, with their many differing characteristics and with non-violent and civil mores, as well as deep roots in Western society and Christian traditions,

Non-violent and civil mores?

"Deep roots in Western society"? They're an oriental people with an oriental culture and religion. Genetically, culturally and religiously they're nearly inseparable from Muslims in the middle-east.

And of course Larry 'the white jew' Auster chimes in to anoint the "thinking" housewife's opinion as kosher.

It is quite odd, though perhaps inevitable, that Christians (whose name implies 'followers of Jesus Christ') would make a golden calf out of jews, who are the ONLY people to have made the rejection and denouncement of Jesus Christ the sole pillar of their identity.


Monday, April 18, 2011

And The Sheep Pile Into Wal-mart Like It's Disneyland...

Standard & Poor's issued a stark warning to Washington on Monday, cutting its outlook on US sovereign debt for the first time and throwing more fuel on the raging debate over America’s swollen deficits.

Doubts about US creditworthiness could threaten the dollar’s use as a global reserve currency amid the rise of rivals such as China that have better growth prospects and fewer fiscal challenges.


But Hey, lets blow another 100 trillion or so by invading and occupying some more countries and allowing tens of millions more thirdworld orcs to leach off of the rapidly dwindling White middle-class taxpayers.


On Safari...

A 16-year-old boy charged with the murders of two British holidaymakers in Florida has been named by detectives.

Shawn Tyson is charged with murdering James Kouzaris, 24, from Northampton, and James Cooper, 25, of Warwick.

The friends, ex-Sheffield University students, were found shot dead 50ft from each other in a street in the city of Sarasota early on Saturday.

Local officers said it was "very unusual" to find tourists in the area, several miles from recognised tourist zones.

What a telling statement.

In other words, when you visit a majority non-White city or area you are on safari. If you leave the designated, fenced in, safe areas you risk being killed by the wild animals.

"No-go" areas are the mark of thirdworld slums.

No such circumstance can exist within a civilized place.
America is a ghetto now, no different than Libya, Somalia, North Korea or Columbia.


"The cool music on the beach, the drum circle. … It's diversity. I love coming here."...

A man was in critical condition after a shooting Saturday on the Venice boardwalk that sent hordes of onlookers running pell-mell into the streets, police said Sunday.

The shooting occurred amid a "flash mob" crowd...


Vasquez said he called in reinforcements as the crowd, including young men in gang attire and tattoos, swelled in the late afternoon. About 6:30 p.m., six to eight shots rang out at 17th Avenue and Ocean Front Walk, Vasquez said. The victim ran half a block to an alley where he collapsed, Vasquez said.


But some business owners said disturbances have been escalating.


Simone Shellmire, 23, a model who lives in North Hollywood, said the attack made her uncomfortable, but would not keep her from a scene she's enjoyed since she was a young girl.

"This is my sweet spot," Shellmire said. "The cool music on the beach, the drum circle. … It's diversity. I love coming here."


That's not insanity. That's just evil.

When mayhem and death are treated as an "oh well", you know you're in the thridworld.

It's particularly telling that the picture the woman paints within the context of the story (of drum chants, gang bangers, casual violence, "diversity") would have been the elements of a horror story in years past.

This is rock bottom looks like.