Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Independent thought is not a concept with which very many Americans are familiar or comfortable. Most want to have their emotions stroked, to be told what they want to hear. They already know what they think. A writer’s job is to validate it, and if the writer doesn’t, he is, depending on the ideology of the reader, a misogynist, a pinko-liberal commie, or an operative for the fascist establishment. All will agree that he is a no good SOB.

As I wrote a while back, respect for truth has fallen and taken everything down with it.

-Paul Craig Roberts

America was founded on the principals of rebellion and self-aggrandizing, and so the "American Spirit" has always been nourished on platitudes .

The "Founders" built an altar and then pledged that nothing of value should ever sit atop it.

Thus the "American Dream" is (not surprisingly) really nothing more than Bread & Circuses.