Friday, May 13, 2011

Low IQ? Come To Chicago...

The Chicago Fire Department must hire 111 bypassed black firefighter candidates — and distribute “tens of millions of dollars” in damages to 6,000 others who will never get that chance — a federal appeals court ruled Friday, upholding a landmark ruling.

“The city gave a test back in 1995 that did not measure the ability to be a firefighter. It made it more than six times more likely that white applicants would be hired rather than African Americans with no job-related justification. Nothing about getting a high score on that test predicted anything about whether you’d be a superior firefighter.”

When results from the 1995 entrance exam were disappointing for minorities, the city established a cutoff score of 89 and hired randomly from the top 1,800 “well-qualified” candidates.


American blacks have an average IQ of 85. Up until the 1960's 85 was generally considered the line at which mental retardation was measured. But the number was dropped due to pressure from the PC politburo.

Truth is the enemy of equality and social justice.

So there are now increasing numbers of mentally retarded orcs in fire departments, police departments, airports, government agencies and so on.

Comforting thought isn't it?

But it's a common reality now in Amerikwa,

Otis Mathis admits he struggles to write coherent sentences, but he serves as president of the Detroit Board of Education.

....a couple of email messages indicating just how poorly Mathis writes.
  • If you saw Sunday's Free Press that shown Robert Bobb the emergency financial manager for Detroit Public Schools, move Mark Twain to Boynton which have three times the number seats then students and was one of the reason's he gave for closing school to many empty seats.

  • Do DPS control the Foundation or outside group? If an outside group control the foundation, then what is DPS Board row with selection of is director? Our we mixing DPS and None DPS row's, and who is the watch dog?
Mathis was placed in special education classes in Middle School, says he graduated from High School with a 1.8 grade point average and went on to earn a bachelor's degree in criminal justice at Wayne State University.

Since then, he's been a leader in the community: he started businesses, served as Wayne County Commissioner , worked as a substitute teacher for Detroit Public Schools and now helps set academic policy as president of the school board.

Mathis admits he struggles to string together a coherent sentence, but if you watch the video above (recorded during his failed bid for City Council), you'll see he can string together coherent thoughts, and peers say he's engaging.

But does it send a bad message to students of the struggling district if one of their leaders cannot write well? Or can he serve as a role model for the power of perseverance?

The guy can barely read or write, was placed in "special" education and graduated with a 1.8 grade point average........yet got a bachelor's degree in criminal justice!

Welcome to the future...