Thursday, June 30, 2011

In The Which Whites Are Mandated To Be The Majority...

How to deal with the rude K-12 achievement gap in Los Angeles? District officials have a new solution that should be pretty popular all-around.

Based on the theory that homework is more likely to be completed by kids with a secure home life and involved parents -- aka, the white middle class -- LAUSD is forcing teachers to cap homework at 10 percent of a student's grade, beginning next month.

"The policy is intended to account for the myriad urban problems facing the district's mostly low-income, minority population," writes the Los Angeles Times today.




"Non-hispanic whites" make up, maybe, 28% of the LA's population. That includes children AND adults, so the percentage of those in the school district is around half of that -14%, maybe.

And "non-hispanic white" includes peoples from north Africa and the middle east; jews, Arabs, Iranians, Turks, Egyptians, etc, etc...

And there are A LOT of those in LA.

And on top of that, rich "non hispanic white" people don't send their kids into the LA school system. They send them to private schools where they'll get an actual education without fear of being assaulted, rapped or murdered.


The LA schools district is about 4% White, maybe. Maybe less. And it is a forgone conclusion that if White parents are sending their kids into that school system, then you can bet your bottom dollar it's because they are poor and have no other options.

So these continued gaps are between poor to middle class black and hispanic kids and the poorest of White kids.

The reason these gaps continue after many decades of social engineering, demographic upheavals and trillions of dollars in expense to close them?


Average IQ's by race

East-Asian (Japanese, Chinese, Korean) 105
White (Peoples of European Descent) 100
Hispanic (Peoples of mostly American Indian descent) 88
African-American 85

And you'll note that Asians are left out of the articles equation. Why? Because with an average IQ of 105 they are on par with the White kids.

Of course this "homework" excuse is merely the latest addition to an ever growing list of 'explain-aways' in regards to the White-black/hispanic education gap.

Again, it's interesting to see that even in situations where blacks and hispanics outnumber Whites 10 to 1, they still cling to the "minority" title.

They'll never let it go.

They need it to explain away the predicament they find themselves in in every age and in every nation or continent.

Race is not a social construct. Societies are racial constructs.