Friday, June 10, 2011


The state Supreme Court has thrown out a man's murder conviction in a 2006 gang-related shooting in Pioneer Square, ruling that the prosecutor who tried the case resorted to "racist arguments" to attack defense witnesses.

During the trial, Konat questioned witnesses, many of them black, about a purported street "code" that he claimed prevented some from talking to the police, according to the Supreme Court's majority opinion written by Justice Tom Chambers. In questioning some witnesses, Konat made references to the "PO-leese," the justices found.

During his closing argument to jurors, Konat also said that while witnesses denied the presence of such a code, "the code is black folk don't testify against black folk. You don't snitch to the police," according to the Supreme Court decision.


King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg said he spoke with Konat after the trial and told him his comments were unacceptable.


But in response to Monday's appeal in 2008, the Prosecutor's Office maintained that Konat hadn't done anything wrong.


Isn't it "racist" for the state Supreme Court to refer to the Prosecutor's race?

Yes, but one has to remember that Leftism operates unabashedly on hypocritical and destructive tactics.

Just remember,

A murder conviction was thrown because a prosecutor was ACCUSED of "racism". And what makes it all the worse is that "racism" is neither a crime nor a sin.

So yes, America has now fallen into complete and total lawlessness. Even the pretense has been dropped which is why you are seeing more of the following,

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) – At least two people were stabbed and hospitalized, and three others injured after a massive brawl involving dozens of people broke out in the parking lot of a McDonald’s near San Jose State University.

The fight happened around 10 p.m. about a block away from the university on the corner of San Jose and Third Streets, and just hours after a free downtown concert let out.

Police said a small crowd started gathering before it quickly turned into a mob of more than 100 people, many of who began screaming, yelling, and throwing punches when a fight broke out.

Police spokesman Jose Garcia said race may have been a motive in the brawl, and that about half the group was Latino, the other half black.

“Some of the individuals who were involved in this disturbance are being uncooperative with investigators, as well as potential witnesses who were not being very cooperative. So that makes it very difficult for us to determine what occurred and the motive,” he told KCBS.

Witnesses told CBS5 that the brawl was so big it looked like a riot. That kind of behavior isn’t surprising to some. One man, who only identified himself as “Julio,” said the area looks like a “war zone” late at night with groups of youngsters looking for trouble.

“Little 21-year-old gang bangers trying to punk all the older people,” he said. “I feel like you come down here you gotta watch your back.”


Incidents like these are going to increase in occurrence and in size and violence with each passing month for the rest of your life.

They are going to happen in your town, in your city, in your neighborhood. And they will happen night after night, week after week, year after year.

And it has nothing to do with the economy. It has to do with importing tens of millions of thirdworld orcs, who created poverty, disease, violence and death in their own native habitats.

Environments are created organically. Different races create different environments.