Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Kind Of People...

Less than a year after landing in Normandy US soldiers had arrived at a rather startling conclusion about the situation.

Namely, that the Germans were our kind of people and the French, our allies, were not.

To counter this growing sentiment the US government issued a propaganda booklet titled '112 Gripes about the French'.

Reading all the gripes it can be quickly surmised that the US soldier had come to the conclusion that French Society was decadent, corrupt and outright Marxist.

Let's just take a moment to consider who the main Allies of WWII were.

The Soviet Union
Great Briton
The United States

A Communist Empire in the process of murdering tens of millions of innocent people.
A blossoming Communist Empire in the process of killing tens of millions of innocent people.
A progressively Socialist Empire built upon murdering tens of thousands of innocent people.
An increasingly Socialist Empire which just a couple decades before had been America's biggest 'boogeyman'.

And then there was America. Us. An Empire founded upon proto-Marxist principles that deny the existence of nations and peoples and insist that all are "equal" and thus must assimilate into the collective.

And these Five Socialist Empires founded the United Nations, the jewel of leftist ideology.

Of course the little man was unaware of this. His entire life he had been indoctrinated in leftist dogma and knew no better.

The poor American soldier thought he was fighting the "dreaded Hun". He thought he was fighting for America, his people -his particular White people.

But look at The West post-WWII.
Post Allied Victory.

In the immediate aftermath the Allies divided up Europe, allowing tens of millions of people to fall into slavery and face mass-murder at the hands of the Red Army.

Europe and America today are overwhelmingly Marxist in politics, religion and outlook. And both are being run by corrupt and increasingly tyrannical bureaucrats and overrun by third-world hordes pillaging and plundering at will.

This IS what the Allies fought for. Whether the grunt on the ground understood this or not, it remains an obvious fact.

Like it or not reader, the Allies fought to overthrow Western Civilization.

They succeeded.