Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What IS Coming To A Town Near You....

(warning: graphic pictures at the link)

They are the gruesome images that are testament to the trouble that has hit one Mexican city which has become a flashpoint for the war on drugs.

Two young men, cut down in the prime of their life, were left hanging from a pedestrian bridge as warring drugs cartels continue to fight in Monterrey

One of the men was was missing a foot and had been stripped down to just his underwear while the other's clothes were splattered with blood.

The manufacturing city where they were found has changed dramatically over the last four years. With a population of 4million people, it has gone from being a model for developing economies to a symbol of Mexico's drug war chaos.

It has been sucked down into a dark spiral of gangland killings, violent crime and growing lawlessness.


This is what diversity is: the third world. It's not a condition, it is a biological reality. It is race. They do this in their own towns and cities and they are doing it in places where they "immigrate" to. And they're being imported into every corner of America by the millions every single year.