Monday, July 25, 2011

Spirit Of 76'...

"Just remember, this is the United States of America. We write 80 million checks a month. There are millions and millions of Americans that depend on those checks coming on time," Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner told "FOX News Sunday."

"Not just people that supply our military, but people who get Social Security benefits, Medicare [and] Medicaid benefits. And we can not put those payments at risk and we do not have the ability to limit the damage on them if Congress fails to act in time."

The majority of those receiving government checks are minorities. Many of them fat and healthy and here illegally.

But this is about wealth redistribution. AKA, Marxism 101.

Again, this gets back to the very nature of America itself.

What is it? What is America?

It's certainly not a nation, as Nation means, literally, ethnic group or race.

Is it an idea?

Well, if it is it's a bad idea.

Basically America is a business. It was founded by businessmen whose primary motivation was to better the bottom line of their personal portfolios. Their political leanings were decidedly far left of center in their day.

To be blunt, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were the George Soros and Bill Gates of their day.

What they created was an empire based around a business model. America is a market place. That's why it has no people, no culture, no language, no religion and so on. A business serves whatever customer is in the store because it wants their money.

This is why the World Trade Center was considered an icon of America. A World Trading Center. Not a nation.

Right now the economy is rocky because the plan to "level the playing field", i.e. to make all customers equal, is playing out as expected.

The outcome of the current "crisis" will be that White middle-class America will be taxed into oblivion. In the end it will be "made equal", through social engineering, to minorities.


Because even a semi-cohesive racial/ethnic/cultural group, which is to say White America, with economic clout and the intelligence to sustain it is a stumbling block to the Global Village movement. It can always effectivly protest the further Marxification of their society.

But rob them of their hard earned money and sift them amongst a hundred different ethnic and cultural groups, and they'll be atomized and powerless.
Then, the Tower of Babel can be finished.

No matter which way the puppets in Washington go, middle-class Americans will suffer until they're broken, economically, spiritually, mentally and physically.

America will finally be a full fledged global Corporation, with self-selected CEO's at the top and well-cared-for worker bees at the bottom.

But then this was the inevitable outcome of 1776. It's what it was all about.

Revolutions have always, and exclusively, been the weapon of choice of the the radical Left.