Friday, July 22, 2011

Watching The World Burn...

Police are trying to identify a gang of men who are beating couples with baseball bats and robbing them in downtown Denver.

On June 26 near 1000 Broadway, a couple was in an alley near their vehicle when a group of men walked up and "assaulted them with a baseball bat and demanded money," a police report said. The robbers grabbed the woman's purse and ran to a waiting car, police said.The attackers are “not nice people," Jackson said.Police describe the attackers as four to five black men, ages 18 to 21 years.


"Racial equality" does not exist. It is a phantom religion concocted by radical leftists and propagated by the media. It has no basis in reality, science, religion, history, archaeology, biology, etc...etc...

"Racial Equality" was the founding pillar of Jonestown and the like.

It is a suicidal cult.

And it should be telling that it causes hate, destruction, corruption and death.

Those who are bothered by that truth can lie, cry and deny all they want but eventually reality will either be acknowledged or what is left of our crumbling civilization will be swept away in a tide of savagery.