Thursday, July 28, 2011

Welcome To Egypt....

Rural America now accounts for just 16 percent of the nation's population, the lowest ever.

The latest 2010 census numbers hint at an emerging America where, by midcentury, city boundaries become indistinct and rural areas grow ever less relevant. Many communities could shrink to virtual ghost towns as they shutter businesses and close down schools, demographers say.


In 1910, the population share of rural America was 72 percent.

The share of people in rural areas over the past decade fell to 16 percent, passing the previous low of 20 percent in 2000. The rural share is expected to drop further as the U.S. population balloons from 309 million to 400 million by midcentury, leading people to crowd cities and suburbs and fill in the open spaces around them.


In other words, via social engineering (outsourcing jobs overseas, flooding the US with thirdworld hordes, progressive taxation on small businesses etc....) the population of the United States is being successfully moved into planned ghettos.

By mid-century America will be hell on earth.

An overcrowded thirdworld cesspit filled with poverty, rampant violent crime, corruption and the like.

Rural =White.

The bottom line of the article is that rural America has been successfully ethnically cleansed of White people, aka the middle-class......the people who made it what it was.