Wednesday, August 3, 2011

As Long As It Doesn't Bother Me At Any Given Present Moment...

TAKE A CASUAL stroll through this Central Washington farm town and you'd never guess what's going on. The streets are quiet. Men take leisurely afternoons to get their beards trimmed at the barbershop downtown. Motorists driving through, past fields of alfalfa and spearmint, are welcomed with a huge sign proclaiming Quincy the embodiment of "Opportunities Unlimited."

Yet this homespun place of 6,700 souls is also where a 25-year-old man was gunned down in broad daylight on a busy thoroughfare last spring, where cops had found a crowd of teenagers hiding a sawed-off shotgun in a couch several months earlier, and where the chief of police says a teenage girl was recently gang raped.

Nearby in Moses Lake last summer, U.S. marshals rounded up 50 suspected gang members — many of them with alleged ties to the Mexican Mafia.

Here is small-town Americana, a land of wide-open spaces, church socials and, increasingly, gang warfare.


the area logged nearly 100 robberies and shootings last year, all of them gang-related — including a 10-year-old boy shot in the head when his parents' trailer was riddled with bullets, and a 13-year-old girl injured in a drive-by while she sat in her living room.


In a 30-day period this spring, there were four shootings, two home invasions and a homicide all linked to a single Moses Lake crew, according to the Sheriff's Department, which has identified a dozen organized groups comprising more than 500 known gang members countywide. At the annual Moses Lake Spring Festival, held Memorial Day weekend, Deputy Joe Harris was stunned at the number of young people brazenly displaying their gang colors.

Gang members have discovered that it is easy, here in the miles of emptiness, to travel at will, transporting guns and drugs and eluding law enforcement. With 2,700 square miles of open country patrolled by five sheriff's deputies, there is no round-the-clock police presence in numerous towns...


But whatever financial support Grant County had from the federal government is about to dry up. Harris, for instance, went back to regular patrol in July, no longer funded to gather gang intelligence, even as the problem mounts.


A town of 6,700.

That's Mayberry.

This is coming to a town and neighborhood near you. There is no way to escape it. There is no place left to run and hide.

America is now a Thirdworld ghetto.

And it's in every single state in the union. It's in every small town and every rural community.

The flood gates of the thirdworld are thrown open and the Orcs are pouring in by the millions every-single-month.


So that a handful of corporations can maintain their multi-trillion dollar profits for a few years more, before the whole thing is sucked dry and left for dead.