Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Center Cannot Hold...

At least three youths were injured in shootings late Saturday night on the Country Club Plaza, where a melee erupted in which Mayor Sly James was shoved to the ground.

The shooting occurred near 47th and Wyandotte streets, near the Cheesecake Factory.

Police barricaded a large section of 47th Street, from J.C. Nichols Parkway to Broadway and said there were two crime scenes in that area.

Helicopters flew overhead and police on horseback and motorcycles herded groups of people away. Several ambulances were at the scene.

The scene was in stark contrast to earlier in the evening, when James, Brooks, ministers and Aim4Peace members met at Mill Creek Park on 47th Street about 8:30 p.m.

“We are simply going to walk around the Plaza,” James said at the time.

During an impromptu news conference in front of the Mill Creek fountain, he said he believed there were alternatives to a tougher curfew that some people in Kansas City are calling for.

But after the shootings, James said he had changed his mind and had asked the city attorney to advise him on how he could set a curfew without City Council approval.

He said he understood that as mayor he could set a curfew if there was a natural disaster or a state of emergency such as a riot.

“This may be something close to a riot,” he said.


As the White percentage continues to decline the non-White culture becomes more expressive. There is always something to fill the vacuum after all.

Law and Order. Cleans streets. Prosperity. Maintained infrastructure. etc... etc... These are things Whites inherently create.

Orc, on the other hand, abhor such things.

Multiculturalism and Diversity are lies. Obvious and deceptive ones. The fabricated world around which they have been constructed operates like a cult. And cults tend to end in mass suicide.