Monday, October 10, 2011

The Book Of Job: The Nature Vs. Nurture Argument...

You can find a seemingly endless variety of interpretations of the Book of Job, though its most overt point is often left un-approached.

The set up of the story is the impetus for all that happens thereafter.

Basically the Devil/Satan and God get into a debate over Job, the one man on earth who is a good man and who honors God.

Why is Job a good man?

God's argument is that Job is a good man, just because. Nothing made or makes Job good, he simply is.

Satan argues that it is environment that separates Job from the sinners. He is rich, has a nice home in a nice neighborhood and was generally privileged his entire life.

God replies that no, Job is just fundamentally a more moral person than others. He was that way from birth.

Satan insists that if Job had come from a broken home in a ghetto and discriminated against his whole life, he too would be a lying, thieving wretch like those sinners.

Again, God says no. Job is better because he is better. From the womb to the tomb Job is what he is. Nothing made him good, just as nothing made the sinners bad. Men are what they are from the get-go.

At the end of the book we learn that God was right and Satan was wrong.

Now the point here is this....... how many Christians today take Satan's side in this argument?