Monday, October 10, 2011

The Enlightenment Was, Frankly, Stupid...

Despite proclamations to the contrary, post-Roman-collapse Western Civilization reached its heights somewhere around 1250, and has been in decline ever since.

It all comes down to the metric one uses to measure High and Low.

For example, The West today is very rich. It's also dying out due to low birthrates.

Western Man can see the latest CGI effects in high resolution but refuses to see (acknowledge) the increasing number of Orcs rampaging through his streets.

Because, you see, observing the harmful presence of non-Whites wouldn't be progressive.

Strangely enough through, standing by as the Orcs rape and murder and plunder and destroy, IS progressive.
It's only 'un-progressive' to notice such things.

Truth then becomes the enemy of progress. The enemy of the state. The enemy of the people.

It is the very notion of progress which leads to the denunciation of truth and thus on to so much misery and sorrow. Progress is illusory, because man is fundamentally no different today than he was when Alexander the great walked the earth.
And the reality is, the more progressive Western Civilization has become over the past 50 years the greater the rot within.

No argument needs to be made to illustrate that fact, as everyone knows it. It's reflected in the number of broken homes, failed marriages, crime riddled neighborhoods, crumbling infrastructure and so on.

When half or more of the population is on sensation numbing "anti-depressants" to suppress their despair at the state of their world, then the very idea of progress goes from laughable to demonic.

During the Enlightenment this idea of utopia went from abstract poetics to boardroom pie-charts.

And so came the revolutions to throw down the obstructions standing in the way of progress. The primary target of these rebels was Monarchy.


Because Monarchy represented/reflected a natural hierarchy is the world. It testified to the inherent inequality of man. It symbolized structure -levels. It revealed the High and the Low, the beautiful and the base and the sacred and the profane.

So it had to be thrown down.

Thus came the Revolutionaries. Their head were the merchant class and their tail the ghetto-dwellers.
They believed themselves wiser than all the collective knowledge of Kings, Sages, Poets, Warriors, Prophets and Seers who had come in all the generations before them.

They threw down history. They exalted the profane and spat upon the sacred.

They are Cromwell and Napoleon. Washington and Jefferson. Marx and Engels. Lenin and Stalin.
Rebels. Revolutionists. Utopianits. Merchants.

And their bastard offspring divided into two camps and have fought for power, for the throne, ever since. They are generally known today as Fascists and Communists and all people in The West today are one or the other.
It was these two camps who fought it out during WWII, with the Communists (The Allies) winning.

And though they've struggled against one another for power, they both share the critical common theme of a rejection of Monarchy.

Their motto's are described always in relation to the denunciation of class. "We the people". Or, "Power to the people".

It is an old war as it is the rebellion of chaos against order. Because in Order, their is structure, hierarchy and thus inequality.

But in chaos, all things are blended into one. All are equal.