Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Ever Expanding Realm Of The Orc...

Police said Wednesday they’ve arrested the trio caught on tape attacking two people, including chopping at one victim with a machete.

“Both attacks were unprovoked, as far as we could see. Nothing was taken in the second attack,” Rodriguez told CBSNewYork.

According to police, Seegers is seen on the tape hacking at the victim at least 14 times with the machete. During one of his swings, he chops into Villota, who is continually pistol-whipping the victim. Seegers nearly severs Villota’s right arm, leaving a blood trail that the cops used to track them down.

As the victim lays apparently unconscious on the ground, Gomez allegedly kicks him in the head.


Yes, shock of all shocks, the perpetrators were two underprivileged youfs and a legacy member of the "undocumented resident" House.

I would say wait until this kind of thing is a daily occurrence, but it already is.