Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Town Of 1,000...

GOLD HILL, Ore. -- One of the victims in Tuesday's drive-by shooting is speaking for the first time about her ordeal. 19-year-old Jennifer Knutson says she is still having flashbacks of Tuesday morning. She was driving here on Beall Lane with her fiancé when the pair were shot at and left for dead.

Knutson says she and Erik Dorey were coming back from a friend's house at 4 a.m. that morning when their car was shot at 3 times. Dorey was shot in the mouth, and a bullet grazed the back of Knutson's head. Knutson says they pulled over, and Dorey tried to call 911, but couldn't speak because of the gunshot wound. She took over and began screaming for help.

One of the suspects died after crashing his car during a high-speed chase with police. Two other suspects, 19-year-old Miguel Carbajal and Francisco Campos, are now in police custody. Knutson says she and her fiancé had never met any of the suspects.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office now says there was a fourth person inside the suspect's car at the time of the crash. They say 20-year-old Gabriel Perez from Medford was picked up shortly after the crash and driven to Figaro's Pizza in Gold Hill


Gold Hill Oregon has a population of just over 1,000 people.

Mayberry was bigger than that!

The situation in America has already deteriorated to the point that simply going out armed is not enough.
Bulletproof vests are now required if you want to go to work, the store, church, visit grandma etc.. Because Orcs (non-Whites) aren't going to challenge you to a shootout in the middle of the street at high noon.

No, Orcs attack in packs and always without warning. Like pack animals.