Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Your Stock Is Dropping...

An illegal immigrant from Honduras admits to stabbing Albion woman to death. Luis Rodriguez-Flamenco, 24, said he targeted victim Kathleen Byham, 45, with intentions of steeling her car. He said he does not know why he stabbed and killed her.

Flamenco and two friends approached Byham as she walked from Wal-Mart to her car in the parking lot at 7 p.m. Sunday night. He then began stabbing her repeatedly in the torso with a knife. He fled the scene with the other two men, who police said were not involved with the stabbing.

Authorities said Byham was parked in a well-lit area with a lot of witnesses around. They also said that Wal-Mart cameras captured the entire incident.





Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies are investigating a deadly beating at a Walmart in Lakewood.

Deputies were called to the store, on Carson Street, just before 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Witnesses say it appears someone was beaten to death with a baseball bat. Sheriff's Capt. Mike Parker said the victim was a 74-year-old man and deputies have detained a 47-year-old man in connection with the beating.

Officials say the attack on the elderly man was a "random act of violence."


"Random Acts Of Violence".

Like, say, a tree limb inexplicably falling from a healthy tree on a windless day. Or a lightning strike out of a clear blue sky.

Keep in mind that both of these victims were attacked and murdered in well lit (one in the middle of the day) areas with plenty of other people close at hand and security cameras all around, as they went about their daily routine.

None of that helped them.

"Random acts of violence" are another name for non-White behavior. The more Orcs around you the greater the chance you'll fall victim to a "random act of violence".
Orcs aren't bothered by eyewitnesses, crowded scenes, cameras or even jail time.

None of those things will keep you safe in the new ghetto America.

Keep in mind that these sort of crimes are justified-away as being par for the course for a more "tolerant" and racially diverse "society".

Or more bluntly, rapidly rising (casual) violence and deteriorating social order are the price the average citizen must pay to increase the bottom line of major industries who profit greatly from ignorant cheap labor/consumers.

With each passing day in the Multicult, the value of your life decreases.