Monday, January 16, 2012

No Go List...


A woman said she was punched and dragged by her hair on Sunday at a Chuck E Cheese's restaurant on Michigan Avenue in Dearborn.

The Westland grandmother said children watched as the beating unfolded.

She was at the restaurant for her grandson's 7th birthday. A couple at the next table was using foul language and she asked them to keep it down. She exchanged words with the couple before the fight broke out.


You can guess the races involved here. Yep, White victim -Orc perpetrator.

Whites are going to have to accept that in the new multicult America there are just certain places they can't go anymore if they wish to avoid violence and mayhem.

such as,

Restaurants. (If you've had no problems thus far, be assured, your time is coming)


County Fairs



Wal-Mart (especially after dark)

Grocery Stores

Convenience Stores


If you think that is an exaggeration, just read through this blog and/or the ones linked.

Like a wildfire it is spreading rapidly, and in all directions.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Economic Policy...

How to describe the current economic policy in America and Europe,

"Lend me your counterfeits and I'll repay you with mine."



People who still follow the four-year election cycle fall into two groups.

Those looking for Jerry Springer type entertainment.

And those who are hopelessly deluded into believing elections represent anything other than "good sport" for the business over-class.

If You didn't know an election was held every four years could you really tell the difference?


Money is God in America and money determines the course of events irregardless of who is "elected".


Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Freedom God...

from Mark Hackard at Altright,

Violence and dysfunction shall be distributed over every country and clime; Danes and Minnesotans will experience the horror of Somalia's strife in a most personal and painful manner. To question this sublime experiment or (even worse) to oppose it would be an unpardonable sin against democracy, the creed of our greatness. And what is the secret of democracy, this gospel to liberate and empower all mankind? It is the political expression of our modern faith, self-worship. Just below the rationalistic assertion of rights and equality is the abyss of desire, the wish to ultimately recognize no authority higher than one’s own will made divine. Faith, ethnos and culture must be annihilated by egalitarianism and market forces, thereby giving rise to the New Man. From spiritual disorder springs social anarchy. In the contemporary West, a nation is no longer itself, but a mass of atoms, sovereign in their frenzied quest for profit and pleasure, mere demographic material for the plutocrats’ global Babylon. As surely as the laws of nature, chaos will then necessitate further manipulation and control from above.

It is illustrative that as Congress passed the NDAA to facilitate military incarceration of U.S. citizens, A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas was playing in movie theaters across America[2]. Having built their model society on the primacy of base desire, our master class is also subject to its compulsions. An electronic carnival of cultural sewage is supplied to the proletariat while the elites treat themselves to global conquest, highbrow orgies and financial bailouts. Repressive measures like the Patriot Act and NDAA can be employed to protect the oligarchy should events ever deviate from script. “Rights” serve as a convenient vehicle for the will to power; they are not immutable and can be fabricated or disposed of as circumstances permit. Herein we discover the bankruptcy of humanism: reason works as an eloquent prostitute for passions that would enslave us all. The Pleasure Dome is a police state.

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