Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Sin That Wasn't There...

From Mangan's

Pat Buchanan's difficulties didn't emerge because of anything he wrote that could possibly be considered racist in the sense that the word is used by most people. But a newer definition has come to the fore: one is not supposed to so much as mention the ongoing project of white replacement in America. The groups that campaigned against Buchanan, namely the ADL, Media Matters, and Color of Change - the first and third of which, incidentally, openly advocate for their respective ethnic groups, the very thing they've charged Buchanan with doing - have decided that mentioning the continuing slide in the white fraction of the population constitutes racism.

Mangan is right, essentially.

But the real problem which he trips over is the very problem which Buchanan himself becomes a part of when he denies the racism charge.

Namely this,

"racism" is neither a crime nor a sin.

What men like Buchanan should have the courage to say publicly is that it is GOOD to discriminate. It is healthy to be prejudice in favor of your own over others.

It is good to love your own wife and kids over other families. It is good to love your own race over other races. And it is good, healthy and necessary to discriminate against those others in favor of your own.

The charge of racism was put in to the modern vernacular by Leon Trotsky -a radical Marxist who helped found the Soviet Union and the subsequent murder of tens of millions of "racists" ie, people opposed to a world ruled by Marxists.

And that is what a racist is. A racist is someone who opposes Marxism. A racists is someone who opposes the destruction of nations and peoples in the name of progress.

A racist is someone who speaks truth. And for that, he is an enemy of the state -a heretic.

And there is no real argument to the contrary in regards to the charge of racism, as it is a Marxist term used by them for the benefit of their cause.

So if you choose, for convenience sake, to play by their rules in their game, don't be surprised when the goal posts are constantly moved.