Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fear Of A Tornado Nation...

In the last few years news weather-related stories have taken a decidedly different tone. Have you noticed it?
Wall-to-wall coverage of flooding, tornado outbreaks, hurricanes, blizzards, etc..

At one time these stories were summarized in the news after the event -even in the era of satellite news-van broadcasts.

But lately, these "reports" have taken a certain the gods are pissed at us again run for your lives kind of tone.

Yet, in America,
more people are killed by illegal immigrants every year than are killed by all natural disasters combined.

Just as far more people die due to "alternate lifestyles" than from smoking.

In other words, we need a distraction to take our focus off of more imminent and long term threats.

Following that,

We are constantly told that "we fear what we don't understand".


We fear falling from a top a forty story building because we don't understand gravity.

We fear tornadoes because we've never had one over for dinner.