Monday, March 12, 2012

Light vs. Darkness...

Ancient tales and folk stories are the culmination of the wisdom of peoples who survived the tumults of the primeval wilderness and built functioning civilizations.

In those tales we see a clear contrast between good and evil.

The Evil are always usurpers who wish to throw down the established order and overthrow authority. They are the rebels, revolutionaries and so on.

The Good, who always ultimately prevail at the last moment when all seems lost, always fight to preserve what is ancient and ordained by the order of the natural world.

And when the Good achieve victory they immediately go about healing the wounds inflicted by the usurpers.


Through Restoration. By making things the way they were before.

In all the old tales, when the battle is over, the Good go about restoring what the Dark Forces tore down and undid.

The Good fight to preserve, to restore.

It is the dragons that bring change.