Friday, May 25, 2012

The Altruistic-Narcissist...

The  line between altruism and narcissism is thin. Or perhaps the two things are simply overlapping. Thus we could coin the term ‘altruistic-narcissist’.

The altruistic-narcissist can be found in both conservative and liberal sides. As well as in both atheist and theist camps as well.

In fact the altruistic-narcissist is the rule, rather the exception in the modern, dying, Western world.

“Social Justice”, for example, is not altruism at all, but truly altruistic-narcissism….at best. At worst it is the vindictive pursuit to throw down one group and exalt another.

The reason this is so it that the altruistic-narcissist must operate from the presumptive, subjective, point of view that his ideal ought to be everyone’s ideal.

He projects his own vision of a utopia into the hearts and minds of all and sundry, then sets about imposing that vision.

To this end authoritarianism is embraced by the altruist to enforce what he or she thinks everyone else ought to want and need.

The problem, naturally, is that not everyone wants or needs the same things. This we can see for ourselves today as divergent groups within multi-racial America act and react to a variety of issues and circumstances differently, to say the least.

It will lead to either a society-as-prison-yard reality, or to the break up of society along ethnic and racial lines.