Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The New Superstition...

One of the more overt forms of Western de-evolving rational is the use of the phrase "wrong time and the wrong place" to describe a tragedy which has befallen an individual or group.

It's hardly a use of deductive reasoning is it? Deductive reasoning being a traditional line of thought which generally retraces a course of events to ascertain their genesis (or cause).

If an airplane crashes we don't say the passengers were merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. No, we investigate and determine the cause, be it mechanical malfunction or weather related. 

Another such phrase is "random act of violence".

Is there really such a thing?

At the most extreme example of excuse, if someone is mentally disturbed and commits an egregious act, that act's genesis (or cause) can thus be traced to that person's mental state.

There is always a cause.

Even lightning strikes can be understood and explained.

Yet today, due to the harmful ideologies of political correctness, equality and diversity, certain crimes must needs be attributed to almost supernatural influences which defy explanation, let alone investigation.

In other words,

to describe a crime as "random" is the same as saying elves did it.